Monday, July 30, 2018

Dispute Over LGBT Characters ... GAH!

GREENFIELD (KDKA) — The show won’t go on at a Greenfield community theater after the director and the producers got into a dispute over adding LGBT characters to the show.

“The decision to cancel ‘Big Fish’ comes on the heels of a dispute between the director and co-founding producers over how to proactively insert representation of an LGBT+ family despite the fact that the script did not include any reference to the LGBT+ community,” the Playhouse’s statement said.

In a statement sent to theatre news website BroadwayWorld, John August and Andrew Lippa, the creators of the musical, expressed their support for the director’s decision:

“That’s correct; nowhere in the script does it say that any character is gay or lesbian or trans. But nor does it say they aren’t. A director’s decision to signal that two silent characters are same-sex parents isn’t changing the text. It’s providing context and framing. It’s directing.”

The Playhouse’s statement on the show’s cancellation received nearly hundreds of responses on their Facebook page.


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