Thursday, July 26, 2018

Is anyone really surprised?

The punishment for riding on the same bike as a boy

Rattled by string of violent attacks, Toronto wonders if city is unraveling

As residents grapple with the latest attack to hit the city in recent months, some (Liberals) are asking whether it was becoming less safe

Detectives in Canada are still seeking a motive for a mass shooting which left three dead – including the gunman – and injured more than a dozen others, as residents of Toronto grapple with the latest in a string of violent incidents to hit Canada’s biggest city in recent months.

Federal officials said on Tuesday that there was no terror link to Sunday’s attack in which the lone gunman opened fire along a bustling avenue in the city, seemingly shooting at random at pedestrians and into shops and restaurants. “At this time, there is no national security nexus to the investigation,” said a spokesperson for the ministry of public safety. The attack killed two people, a recent high school graduate Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis. The 13 injured include six women and girls, as well as seven men.

Authorities have not yet publicly speculated on the motive of the gunman, Faisal Hussain, or explained how he obtained the handgun used in the attack. In a statement, his family cited his lifelong struggle with depression and psychosis, noting that professional help, medication and therapy had failed to help him.


But wait -- it gets worse!

Tap Tap Tap

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Unknown said...

When, for the first few days after this attack, the "authorities" said they were "baffled as to a motive" and were not releasing the name of the perpetrator, I knew that it would eventually come out that the scumbag's name was "Mohammed" or something similar. And whaddya know? And yet they're STILL "baffled as to his motive"!!

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