Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Justice Brett Kavanaugh


Well, my pick (Barrett) didn't make it last night, but good Lord! Is there another Justice (to be) so silver-tongued? With such a story book family? He blew me away.  I think, however, that Laura Ingram had the best take on the whole thing last night. She noted that, while the retiring Justice Kennedy was a swing vote, since Trump's election he had sided with the conservatives on every important vote, so a Justice Brett Kavanaugh will not have impact that the out-of-their-minds loony left (Scarborough:
Trump Picked Kavanaugh “to Protect Himself” from Prosecution, and more) are screeching about.  Even John McCain has tweeted his support.  AND. Since Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who must be carried in for group photos, and who can't stay awake longer 10 minutes, has one foot in the grave--the kill shot will be her replacement, Amy Barrett.

Thank You God.


Skoonj said...

On the other hand, Kavanaugh's elevation means there is one more vacancy in the DC Court of Appeals.

Murphy(AZ) said...

I recently heard some unremarkable Democrat say that President Trump "had to" replace Justice Kennedy with a similar-minded person "to maintain the balance" of the court.

I wonder, would a President Hillary! have been constrained to replace Justice Scalia using the same parameters?

The approval process for Judge Kavanaugh should be as rapid as it will be brutal. No recesses, no summer breaks, get it done. Few, if any, Dems will support his appointment, so why give them anything. His appointment will be tried in the Liberal press, not in the Senate. He will be bombarded with unproven allegations and false innuendos, and we can expect his family to be savaged also.

But Dems be warned: this man will weather your storm and come through stronger than ever. And who's to say that during his contemplations in the back offices of the Supreme Court, that the memory of the crap you put him through isn't going to color some edge or nuance of his decision?

You'll never know, will you? He'll just sit there on the Bench, with a slight hint of a smile that no one can ever explain.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for Barrett, I have my reservations about Kavanaugh but I'm keeping my fingers crossed he doesn't turn into a Souter. {Pretty Please, Lord} I hope our side is prepared for the onslaught that Is about to start this a.m.. The Bork hearings are going to look like a cake walk.

I think President Trump can make at least two more appointments. Hopefully Barrett will be the next pick. Number one is when Ruth Buzzy expires {soon} and I think after this upcoming year Judge Thomas will retire. libs are in for a rough few decades.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

I'm pretty sure, Skoonj, that DC Court of Appeals will not be getting anyone who will make Chucky Schumer swoon with delight.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Geo ... the name "Souter" is on everyone's "Please God, NO" list.

Chris in NC said...

Geo, there's a history of decisions with Kavanaugh that there wasn't with Souter. I remember when Souter was proposed and people like Coulter went crazy (rightly so) as he was definitely a country club squishy pick. Kavanaugh has a list of decisions (95%+ good and the rest defensible) that he won't be a Souter. Another Kennedy? Maybe, but probably a bit to the right of Kennedy. Not Barrett like we would have liked, but not bad. When RBG drops, that's when Amy gets put on the court and that fight will be delicious!

Chris in NC said...

We need to start a campaign for Clarence Thomas to step down. Need to replace him with a similar person that's under 50. Lock down the 5 majority for the next 30+ years

Eskyman said...

Kavanaugh looks good to me! I was hoping for Hardiman, because of his excellent record on gun rights & his support of the 2nd Amendment (an area where Amy Barrett has no record at all, so she is a 'wild card'.)

Happily I discovered that Judge Kavanaugh also has a strong 2nd Amendment record, and a strong record against illegal immigrants; so he'll do nicely!

Last night was most enjoyable, watching The Usual Suspects all melting down on TV and on Twitter. Just when I thought they'd reached peak REEEEEEEEEE then they'd raise it up an octave and shreik even louder! Barrels of delicious Liberal Tears were shed! Much flailing of arms and tantrums!

I sure hope we do this again soon, when the Notorious RBG shuffles off. Then I'll want to set off fireworks bigger than the 4th of July, as it will mean we've got our country back for some generations to come!

Skoonj said...

RBG? Oh yeah, Ruth Bader Meinhoff. Guess she's feeling a little more pekid every day. Same with McCain: are they dead yet?

Funny thing about McCain this time. He says he's for Kavanaugh. Ok, maybe it's not so bad if he lives long enough to vote for Kavanaugh.

Anonymous said...

Chris in NC:
I wouldn't be so thrilled {tingle up my leg} if Kavanaugh turned out to be a Kennedy either, although it's much better than a Souter. Kennedy proclaimed at the time of his nomination by Reagan that he strongly believed in the Constitution. The one, single guy who gave us "Same Sex Marriage" and voted with the Conservatives only some 60% of the time. That other 40% of the time concerns me.

The bright spot is Gorsuch (a Kennedy Clerk) hasn't leaned that way. So there's that {fingers crossed}.

I think Robert's will now become the "Swing Vote" on the Bench and take Kennedy's place. He has already proven that he doesn't want any controversy coming from his Court Decisions {obozoKare}, when he flipped his original decision when none of the libs joined in the majority.

None of the lib appointments ever sway from their ideology, it's always the repubic's that come back and bite us in the ass. I hope I'm wrong this time.


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