Wednesday, July 25, 2018



oy vey ole' said...

"My shreeamour, pretty little one that I adore..."
yup, I remember that song.

Anonymous said...

Just in case we didn't already know how FUBAR Islam and its adherents (7th Century pedophiles, murderers and goatfuckers) are, this video reminds us that they hate music, they hate art, and they hate humor. No wonder they walk around with that perpetual scowl. And their women are so fucked-up that, despite being treated worse than animals (do Mooslime animals have to wear burkhas?), they still walk around looking down on "infidels"; they hold their own daughters down for clitoridectomies and arrange for them to be married to older men in filthy nightshirts who actually prefer to fuck young boys.

The only thing that makes Mooslimes smile is the slaughter of "infidels" (or the slaughter of other Mooslimes who they deem insufficiently pure). When the Twin Towers came down, they were fucking ecstatic!

Their whole sorry lot deserves to be loaded on a spaceship and sent back to whatever distant, God-forsaken planet they came here from; they have no fucking business being here on Earth.

Caballero Andante

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