Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Tell me what Reagan would do ...?

It appears  Donald Trump already knows


Skoonj said...

The day Reagan fired the air traffic controllers is a day I remember vividly. I was at the New York City home of William F. Buckley when the call came. Buckley told us as soon as he was off the phone. William Rusher, publisher of National Review, was also there, as was Joe Sobran and others.

Murphy(AZ) said...

I was working in the local PATCO union hall in Phoenix when the show down approached. The rank and file wanted to go back to work, the union bosses told them to stand firm; "that old goat Reagan doesn't have the balls to fight."

President Reagan went before the cameras and told them to get back to work or they would be fired.

They stood firm, and the next morning they were all out of jobs! Even when the union started back-pedaling at supersonic speeds, saying they'd be right back on the job for the evening shift, President Reagan stood firm, and PATCO died forever.

I was damn proud to be an American Conservative that day!

I remember that the Postal Carriers were ready to follow PATCO out within a few days, figuring they could force the government into major concessions for the unions if one government union after another went out on strike. All that foolish talk disappeared by the time the sun set after PATCO had been destroyed.

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