Wednesday, August 01, 2018



Hundreds of NC teachers are flunking math exams.

Almost 2,400 North Carolina elementary school teachers have failed the math portion of their licensing exams, which puts their careers in jeopardy, since the state hired Pearson publishing company to give the exam in 2013, according to a report presented to the state Board of Education Wednesday.

Failure rates have spiked as schools around the state struggle to find teachers for the youngest children. Education officials are now echoing what frustrated teachers have been saying: The problem may lie with the exams rather than the educators.

Teachers in Florida and Indiana have also seen mass failures when their states adopted Pearson testing, according to news reports from those states. Concern about the validity of the Pearson licensing exams is so pervasive that it was discussed at this year’s National Education Association conference, said North Carolina Association of Educators President Mark Jewell. FULL

What?  Only Math?  Only North Carolina?



Anonymous said...

60 plus years of weakening public education and dumbing down kids...? Pretty much a given that after a few generations, one will begin to find dumb teachers in the system also. Wait till we get dumb pilots,..doctors…

Anonymous said...

Whew - I just saw a whole bunch of people who should lose their "suffrage", because they know nothing of our country, and cannot possibly make an informed vote, unless we count what Kim Kardashian might say about who they should vote for. That makes them Those Who Are No Longer My Countrymen.
I believe part of the math failures can be ascribed to being taught*spit*New Math*spit* and it's resultant lack of being able to do even simple arithmetic. Those people are going to be in deep doodoo after their batteries die when we get a major weeks long blackout.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

OregonGuy said...

An adult, teaching children, complaining about not having the math skills of an adult, or high school student, or middle school student.

With a college degree.


Ralph Gizzip said...

Call me a Neanderthal but women losing suffrage would be a good thing.
Considering they got the vote in '27 our country has been going downhill with a tailwind ever since.

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