Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Way Wen Are


Anonymous said...

You forgot that he gets one free grope if he's a Democrat, Rog. And besides, that picture is going to disappear down the memory hole as soon as he starts marching in climate-control or up-with-socialism rallies, and even if it doesn't, you'll never hear a word about it on CNNBCBSABCNPR.

But if he's a Republican, of course, he's dead meat, and every other Republican around the country is going to be asked by reporters if he or she supports this little guy.


Anonymous said...

I sent this picture of the little kid touching his mother's boob to my ultra liberal college professor neighbor. He had a double shit hemorrhage. He screamed that I was a member of the rich, white males club that hated women and never took sexual harassment seriously. And basically I was the worst SOB to ever draw breath on this earth. I know him well and have heard too many very lewd comments he's made about a good looking female neighbor. Like most liberals he's a totally hypocritical phony.

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