Wednesday, October 03, 2018


Tommy lee smith


Jess said...

Snopes states this is false, but Snopes is known to be a shill for the Progressives.

Skoonj said...

Today there are more things coming out about Ford, and this is mostly about her prepping some one else for a lie detector test. Grassley is demanding the information, as well as something about her home being renovated at the time she claimed to be at the party. Some info is coming from her boy friend of some years ago.

Drew458 said...

the "second door" thing was some BS for the zoning board. Everybody in their neighborhood was partitioning off their giant houses and making apartments that they didn't get approval for or pay income taxes on.

Anonymous said...

If true, that makes it all the more cruel and creepy what they did to that poor unstable woman.

or she gets an Oscar.
*creepy quotient pegs*


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