Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Coin Heist ... easily a 4****

YOU'RE Very Welcome


MMinWA said...

Watched Bullet Head on Netflix the other night. It's wicked intense, involves dog fighting-I'm a huge dog lover, used to raise GSD-and that was hard to get past but man, what a movie.

I will say no more other then I have since bought it for my collection(now about 3,000), that's how good it is. Great cast too.

Gregory said...

What does 4**** mean? Is it a cussword?

Anonymous said...

They had to raise funds to save their "government indoctrination center"? WTF? Only some libtard in hollyweird would dream that up.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, not worth the price of admission. It was a Hallmark Crime Heist movie, and all that that entails.

At least they didn't waste any time on plot development.

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