Saturday, December 29, 2018

Maine, and many others ...


Drew458 said...

It's a silly system, but cheap. Maine is poor, and their government is more divided than ever. They haven't had a clear >50% winner in some time.

The problem with "RCV" is that the voter is not required to choose a 2nd, 3rd ... Nth place candidate, so they "disenfranchise" themselves if they don't.

Candidates can game the system by campaigning as the best second choice, if not your first choice.

Political parties can game the system by flooding the ballot with their candidates. Ok sure, the "official" Dems get just one candidate. But there can be umpteen spin-off Dem-ish parties and they can all field one candidate too.

rwnutjob said...

Gaming the system will be how the Democrats complete their war on our Republic.
Check North Carolina. It's everywhere.

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