Monday, January 07, 2019

Anderson Cooper talks about his mom's sex life



Anonymous said...

Didja see Anderson Cooper's interview with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez?

Anderson Cooper was so smitten with her, he paid her the ultimate compliment that he can give a woman: "It's too bad you're not a man, because I'd definitely want to have you fuck me in the ass!"

Anonymous said...

What manner of creature talks about their own mother like that? This explains so much about how effed up the culture at CNN is and all them sumbitches they call friends as well. In any decent news organization, he'd be fired immediately, for either statement.

Sir H the Comet

WDS said...

It coulda' been worse, at least he didn't talk about his sex life....

Cheezy said...

So playing the part of a prostitute wasn't a real stretch for Ms. Dunaway?
Surprise, surprise.

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