Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Man Booted off airline for wearing a MAGA hat


Honz said...

I would try to sue frontier airbag lines.

rickn8or said...

Horiz, it's perfectly acceptable to discriminate against straight white conservative males today.

Eskyman said...

I'm sympathetic to this guy, and I believe him; but that video proves nothing. It's recorded after the fact, nobody on board was recorded saying anything, so it's a "he said, she said" instead of any proof.

If that's all he's got, he's got no claim that'll pay off.

Record at the first hint of trouble, and while you're boarding; when nothing happens it's easily wiped, but if there's a problem then you've got it all on video. Don't wait until you're alone in a corridor & the plane has left without you!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many customers Frontier Will loose just to word of mouth hits ?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

There outgt be, oh, say, 692,754 lawsuits filed already. Just in California.

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