Monday, February 18, 2019

FIOS, Saving You From Right Wing Fascist Gobbeldygook

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Your Fios Network is Working to Save You From Bad Stuff (The Blaze)

Thank you sir.  May I have another?


This, just minutes ago when I turned the telly on. Do I have to say anything more?  I didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if they sent out the same notice for CNN, I wouldn't be so angry at their lying hypocrisy and might believe their concocted excuse.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Murphy(AZ) said...

It's the "Spoiled Seven Year-Old Solution." When they can't come up with any other weak reason to be censoring opposing political thought, they just take their ball and go home.

Whatever their reasoning (anyone suffering with Verizon as their cable provider knows that "saving money" has never been a goal for them,) it's still censorship, and my advice to anyone who has the chance to change service providers is that they should. As quickly as possible.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I imagine every cable service in the country is equally shitty.

Anonymous said...

After a month (January) of seeing the whiny loser of a CEO for TDS every time we tuned across the local Fox and CBS channels imploring us to do his job and contact a local channel bundler to protest a "rate increase" - with whom they amazingly "settled" just in time for the Super Bowl - I decided to seek an alternative. I found the streaming services to make even pmsnbc look conservative. CNN still has no competition for biased reporting but I conclude there are some looking to unseat them.

Of course, the streaming services aren't a little bit interested in those of us over 40 who, like everyone who comments here, are capable of critical thought. If I didn't have C&S to look in on each day, my sanity would be long gone.

Which reminds me, what happened to your Donate link?

--General Petty Officer Fifth Class Skyhawker Doug

Eskyman said...

My decision to cut the cable over a decade ago was simple, mostly because I didn't watch any TV programs; old movies were all I was watching anyway.

So chop! went the cable, I got a VPN for privacy & then found lots of streaming sites who specialized in old movies, and I haven't looked back. My solution probably won't work for you, since you do like TV shows (how's Empire? I ask slyly with a wicked grin.)

There are a lot of streaming news sites on the Net too, and every event (SOTU Address, etc.) has a lot of sites streaming it. I don't think I've missed much at all, except a lot of propaganda that raises my blood pressure.

You might look into Kodi, a lot of people like it & apparently it does TV very well; whatever you do, I'd strongly advise a VPN (I use P.I.A.) so that Big Brother isn't looking over your shoulder, at least not easily!

My cable company is Time-Warner; at least twice a month they send me "deals" where I can have lots of TV for only a leeeetle bit more than I'm already paying for only internet access, and from past experience I know that goes up, up, up once they've got you on the hook; so it's with great satisfaction I drop those into the Circular File!

Murphy(AZ) said...

If you haven't noticed already, ALL the cable and satellite companies have smokin' deals for new customers, but never nothin' for those of us who have held on for years. SCREW them! I've gone back to books!

Anonymous said...

We cut the cord 4 years ago. Currently we subscribe to Netflix, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime and OANN. I tried out Klowd TV which included OANN and Blaze TV and it was too buggy. We still pay less than a third what FIOS was raping us for. I have issues with Youtube TV as it is way too sports loaded - Tennis, Golf who the f(%& watches them??? Have also tried Hulu, DirectTV Now and Sling with varying levels of satisfaction. I want to get Foxnews but, some just don't have it unless you pay a fortune.


MMinWA said...

Haven't had cable since the early 90s, it was garbage then and now? It's a shitstorm. I'm a lot closer to the end then the beginning and still have a million things I want to do. Sitting on my ass, flicking through channels looking for something to watch ain't one of them.

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