Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Former Federal Prosecutor: “We Are In A Civil War… I Buy Guns”

I woulda never guessed

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Murphy(AZ) said...

Welcome to the battle, Mr. diGenova. Glad to hear you're buying guns and joining the tens of millions of citizens who have been stocking up, especially recently. People have been sounding warnings for years upon years that this was coming. The voices "crying in the wilderness" were warning about Liberal lies and how the "mainstream" press was a driving force behind it.

And look at how they seem to play directly on the stupidity of the voting-age public. This Green New Deal with the $93 TRILLION price tag that NO ONE will EVER be able to finance. Or the ever-growing numbers of new gun law proposals that will NEVER stand judicial scrutiny. Post-partum abortion will become the norm if Liberals get their way, and the only thing left to be decided will be just how long past birth will abortions be allowed.

And yesterday, in Liberalism's latest spasm of quackery, Lake Erie has been voted to have the same Rights as a person! Since it includes the Right to sue, does it also include the Right to Vote? How, do you suppose, Lake Erie will register, Democrat, Republican, or Tree Hugging Wacko?

And finally, imagine if you were on the Supreme Court. You wake up in the morning knowing you will have a full day dealing with all the bat-shit stupid questions that will come up for your consideration. You know that generations from now, legal scholars will ponder your ruling on transgender rights for Lake Huron. Justice Frankfurter would be so proud!

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