Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Give him his due ... GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME



Chris in NC said...

He is because he has the best coach of all time. It's a perfect storm. If the Detroit Lions drafted Tom Brady, he probably has a handful of playoff losses and that's it. He was drafted into a system perfect for him to thrive and what he has done there is nothing short of fucking amazing. The stats on comebacks, division titles, AFC championship appearances.. Hell 9 friggin superbowls with 6 wins. Yeah, that's amazing. And, I'm sorry, I can't hate Brady. Michigan Wolverine, all around decent fellow. Caught with a MAGA hat he basically told the haters to f' off by ignoring them. Gotta love it!

Chris in NC said...

And lost in all this is that Bill Belichick has been to like 25% of the Super Bowls or some obscene number as coach/assistant, etc. That man can flat out coach.

Still chicken and egg. No Brady, New England doesn't have 6 super bowl wins. No Belichick, Brady isn't greatest of all time. As I said, perfect storm for New England

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