Tuesday, February 05, 2019


First They Came for MAGA Hats...

For far too many leftists, the MAGA hat provides a springboard for rationalizing sub-humanization.
Todays Quetions:

1) If you own a MAGA hat, do you wear it?
2) Have you been confronted because if it?
3) If so, does your state have a right to carry law?


America has reached an inflection point. In a nation built on individual liberty and God-given rights, leftists have decided they should be the sole arbiters of what is or isn’t acceptable in modern society. With relentless help from the rank propagandists who have killed journalism, they have determined that anything that doesn’t comport with progressive dogma is not only wrong, but evil. Evil that can be completely dismissed at best — or eliminated, possibly violently, at worst. The current focus of their unrestrained rage is a red baseball cap with Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” printed on the front.

Their hatred is raw and real. “Before he encountered Omaha elder Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial, Covington High School student Nick Sandmann had already taken steps to provoke and insult people of color,” writes NBC columnist Noah Berlatsky. “He’d put on a MAGA hat.”

Berlatsky’s overt bigotry, as in the ridiculous notion that he is a spokesperson for “people of color,” would likely be unsurprising to Eugenior Joseph. Last Mother’s Day, the 22-year-old black American was harassed by employees at a Miami Cheesecake Factory for wearing a MAGA hat. According to multiple eye witnesses, employers threatened Joseph with violence, called him names, and followed him to the bathroom. Multiple video clips and photos validate those eyewitness accounts.

As for MAGA, Berlatsky is equally blunt, asserting, “America was great when Trump fans could hurt others — especially non-white others — with impunity.”

Who’s hurting whom? In addition to Joseph, a quick search using the words “people attacked for wearing MAGA hats” yields a number of equally contemptible instances of people being harassed or assaulted, including a trans activist assaulted in Hollywood, a Brooklyn man attacked with a broken bottle in a Manhattan bar, a Texas teen assaulted at a Whataburger in San Antonio, and an Arizona man who had his ankle broken in a Tucson encounter.

Apparently such people automatically deserve such treatment. “It matters that they wore ‘Make America Great Again’ hats,” asserts CNN columnist Issac Bailey, referring to the Covington Catholic School teens subjected to one of the most contemptible media smear campaigns in modern history. Bailey is particularly incensed by the hat’s acronym. “When was America ‘great’? he asks. "When millions of black people were slaves? When hundreds of thousands of black men were sold to US companies via convict leasing? Maybe during the heart of Jim Crow, the height of lynching, or when black people struggling with drug addictions were viewed as criminals to be controlled, not fellow human beings needing help?”

How about when slaves were freed at a cost of 360,000 Union soldiers’ lives, or when Martin Luther King triumphed over the same Democrats who established the Ku Klux Klan, embraced Jim Crow, and opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution — amendments banning slavery, guaranteeing due process and equal protection to former slaves, and granting black Americans the right to vote, respectively?

Like so many progressive propagandists, Bailey tells half the story because the other half is utterly inimical to his twisted agenda. It’s an agenda completely immune to hypocrisy as well. “Together, we can make America great again,” said Bill Clinton in 1991, using the phrase as a springboard for his presidential campaign. The same campaign over which the Left swooned.

Unfortunately, this toxic brew of rage and hypocrisy has found a home in the nation’s education system, where two generations of semi-literate, semi-numerate students who know next to nothing about history, civics, or the Constitution are nonetheless well-attuned to a single idea: America is an inherently flawed nation in need of “fundamental transformation.”

Fundamental transformation that leftists would like to impose by any means necessary. Thus it should surprise no one that Kentucky Democrat and House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. John Yarmuth not only showcased his contempt for the Covington students but the Constitution itself. “I am calling for a total and complete shutdown of teenagers wearing MAGA hats until we can figure out what is going on,” he tweeted. “They seem to be poisoning young minds.”

What is poisoning minds, young and old alike, is the Left’s ongoing determination to reduce America to series of tribes. “People become groups — and an individual’s own guilt or innocence beside the point,” warns columnist Katrina Trinko.

Individualism itself is also becomes beside the point, which is why the Left is obsessed with identity politics. The dissemination of propaganda becomes far more difficult when inconvenient “anomalies” conflict with The Narrative™. Better to sweep Eugenior Joseph and other equally problematic MAGA hat-wearing exceptions under the proverbial rug than allow them to “complicate” memes such as the one that white, Catholic, male, pro-life students wearing MAGA hats are privileged, backward, toxic, misogynistic, and deplorable.


I bought a MAGA hat a few months ago.  Didn't wear it; just displayed it alongside my invitation to Trump's inaugural.   A few weeks ago I asked myself why I hadn't worn it (in public). I was forced to admit that I wasn't up to the aggravation I expected.  And, I knew if someone confronted me I'd get pissed, confront them, which could lead to me getting the shit kicked out of me. Or worse ... like being arrested on a murder charge.   Fk it.  I started wearing it a few weeks ago.  While nobody's openly confronted me, I do quite often sense a hostility, in some people; like check-out clerks.  Give me a certain, perverse joy.


oldvet1950 said...

DO NOT wear it to a restaurant of any kind. No telling what might end up in your food!

Anonymous said...

Try wearing a policemans uniform for 30 years. MAGA hat aint shit, and you get it from all sides..

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Well, if I was fortunate enough to be wearing that uni Shan some one as salted me ... I could shoot ... sweet

Dave64 said...

I've been wearing mine, get a lot of compliments and a lot of scowls. So far no overt threats, i did have a decal on my truck and the truck was keyed. I live in Arizona, so I carry concealed all the time!

Anonymous said...

Central Gulf Coast Florida reporting in.
Yes I own one and I wear it.
Never had a negative reaction expressed (lots of scowls...heh...triggered!) to me. *
Florida has Conceal Carry.

* [I suspect a lot of what we all see, hear and read about occurs mostly in Blue Cities and such. I know that if I still lived in Washington, DC (my hometown) I'd catch hell verbally and likely physically]

Agree with Wayne about (most) restaurants.
I also avoid wearing it in stores I frequent in which I require occasional help.

Eskyman said...

I own a MAGA hat, bright red, & before President Trump's marvellous election I wore it religiously, everywhere I went. Got into a lot of discussions with people, got lots of unexpected encouragement, had a lot of folks tell me they wish they were as brave as me (I'm not particularly brave, IMHO.)

After the election the atmosphere changed drastically. I'm in the Belly of the Beast in SoCal; here it can be dangerous to wear one, depending on where you go. At a Carl's Jr. restaurant I got some threatening language from some... um, "new Americans" maybe, they seemed like Mexicans to me. Nothing happened, but it shook me a bit.

Later on I went to a Trader Joe's store & literally had people making space around me like I had rabies, and got the stink-eye but no bad language. The clerk rang me up without saying an unnecessary word, and wouldn't look at me.

Since being armed isn't an option here without risking jail, I've hung up my cap unless I'm going where others will be wearing one too; that makes me both sad and angry at what my state & country have become.

Unless something happens to heal us, I see a war coming. We have a great divide in this country & it's getting wider all the time.

Anonymous said...

Well, Eskyman, if it does come to a civil war, we won't have a Mason-Dixon Line to delineate us. So we should be somehow marking, identifying and otherwise documenting those who make threats based on what kind of hat someone is wearing, so we can do to them what the Hutus did to the Tutsis (bear in mind that the Dems are more like the Hutus, and would surely do it to us, if we don't use that tactic on them first).

[The Rwandan Genocide started when, all over the country, the Hutus (physically distinguishable from Tutsis), on a signal given over Hutu radio stations, knocked on their Tutsi neighbors' doors and hacked them to death.]

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Skip said...

I'm in central Cal, and wear my MAGA hat everywhere. Not a negative look or comment anywhere (yet). A lot of compliments. There are islands of normal's here, away from the big cities. When the Tea Party was strong, we had big turnouts. When CW2 starts I believe a lot of folks will be surprised at how many of us there are.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

All great comments, with Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku on top.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Raja! We'll be here all week!

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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