Friday, February 08, 2019

Outrageously unique and way fun ... Mr Right on Amazon



Chris in NC said...

anything with Anna Kendrick gets my view. :)

Anonymous said...

Anna Kendrik, Sam Rockwell -and- Tim Roth? Definitely giving a view.
thanks for this tip

MMinWA said...

Great flick, in my collection. Too bad Kendrick is a dumb as a rock REgressive and insists on us knowing it.

Another pretty good movie I liked her in was The Accountant. And again you've got Affleck who insists on throwing his REgressivism in our faces but who is a good actor and really shines in this one.

And finally I've been a Rockwell fan for many years. A couple of my favorite flicks with him are The Heist and Moon, both of which I highly recommend. And thankfully I have no idea of what Rockwell favors.

Juice said...
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Anonymous said...

Watched last night upon your recommendation. Just plain entertainment fun! Kendrik is in another light hearted movie, Table 19, that was pretty good.

MMinLamsea, same here regarding Sam Rockwell. He's a standout actor.


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