Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Visible Filth

It appears that YouTube doesn’t want you to see Dem reaction to infanticide. 


Gregory said...

Good for Mr. Trump. GOD bless him.

oldvet1950 said...

When I matured, I realized being a liberal was not a practical way to go through life due to the nature of mankind. I became a Republican due to the pro-liberal stance of the Democratic party - my real political outlook is more libertarian - but we live in a two-party country. I accepted the fact that some people just believe differently and took a "live and let live" attitude in my dealings with Democrats. Now that the Democrats have endorsed infanticide up to the moment of birth, I now believe Democrats are evil incarnate and on equal moral ground with those that perform religious decapitations. I cannot understand how anyone would want to be associated with that party given what they now represent.

Anonymous said...

But you see, Wayne, you are still capable of rational, logical thought. The rot that pervades and permeates Democrats'/Liberals'/Progressives' brains has destroyed such capacity.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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