Friday, March 22, 2019

Bill Whittle says "Johnny can't think" because he was never taught how to think.

When confronted with their shocking ignorance of basic information, Millennials always reply with, “We can just Google it.” But the problem is not that they can’t find the answers. The problem is they don’t know what questions to ask.


leelu said...

Properly asked, a question answers itself. Finding the right question is the interesting part.

MMinWA said...

Bill has joined a host of other creeps on my sh*t list who just couldn't get on the Trump train thinking it was best to cover all bases. Blow me Bill, not interested.

Brian E. said...

@MM - time to update your information. He may not have been an early supporter, be he’s been onboard for quite a while.

MMinWA said...

I was a huge fan from the days of Eject Eject Eject but his idiocy during the campaign was too much. Maybe I should step back but I have a pretty sharp memory and his mockery of the candidate, especially considering the alternative, revealed a thoroughly thoughtless individual. It went well beyond doubting that Trump would govern as a conservative.

Folks like Kurt Schlichter who were opposed to Trump at that level and made their arguments based on that and have since gotten on board, as you say Bill has, were welcomed back. Not so with Bill. Same with Klaven, Shapiro(who to this day just has to qualify his support, f*ck him) and Scott Ott, I was once a big fan of them also, no longer.

I'm like that guy that Rog has the clip about with the grudges.

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