Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Daddy, is WINDOWS 10 the worst thing Microsoft have ever done to the our nation?

If there’s a bigger reason to despise Microsoft for Windows 10, (and there is) it’s this:

Microsoft President Brad Smith wrote a blog post on March 24 that called for a stronger approach to how tech companies deal with content they disagreed with on their platforms. He wrote, “Gone are the days when tech companies can think of their platforms akin to a postal service without regard to the responsibilities embraced by other content publishers.” For Smith, gone are the days when users had the freedom to post whatever they wanted. Social media is now just an extended form of newspaper.

Furthermore, Smith wanted to explore the option of heavily blacklisting content that he and other tech executives found objectionable. He wrote, “We should explore browser-based solutions --building on ideas like safe search--to block the accessing of such content at the point when people attempt to view and download it.” Google is probably already ahead of Microsoft’s curve when it comes to blocking access to things on Google and YouTube, but it seems that’s not enough for Microsoft. Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing, would be immediately subject to Smith’s plan.


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