Wednesday, March 27, 2019

If this is true ... it’s time For martial Law

Tell me this is not real



Anonymous said...

No prob. Trump can give them his returns from 1965-1970.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Murphy(AZ) said...

I don't see any candidate on any side rushing to post any of their tax returns, either. Maybe 2020 will be decided by just 49 states, and we'll see some empty offices in the House and Senate. Do you think anyone will miss Washington?

drew458 said...

This law will fail in the courts. No State can have a different bar for presidential candidates than any other state, can they? And the only requirements are what is written in the Constitution: at least 35 years old, natural born citizen. So it's just more worthless leftist virtue signalling.

Dan said...

They could do that for state & local offices, I'm guessing, but for Constitutionally identified national offices, the Constitution is it.

I think age 35 and a natural born citizen are the rules. No more, no less. Doesn't have to be a boy, doesn't have to be a girl, no particular color or national heritage, no particular religion. Heck, it doesn't even state you can't be a convicted felon IIRC.

So, I don't think adding "show us your taxes" would pass court scrutiny.

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