Saturday, March 30, 2019

Norm Macdonald: Freaked out by Biden

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MMinWA said...

Obviously TPTB do not want Biden getting any more traction. This was a warning shot across his bow. They will not tolerate a white male, much less an old one(are you listening Beto?) Even a far left one with a proven history of REgressiveness and a calm & composed public demeanor like Hickenlooper hasn't got a prayer.

I'm thinking either Harris although for my money she came out waaay too early or...horror of horrors...Michelle. Bet your last donut ValGal and her puppet are working something out to get her in the mix.

Like Tony Montana said, "first you get the money, den you get the power, den you get the wooman." Wooman in this case a metaphor for the far left's endless quest to control everyone's life.

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