Saturday, March 16, 2019

Twilight Zone


Tom Smith said...

Dems are fine with foreign influence like votes and money as long as it benefits them. I dare say that those fleeing socialism might be to our advantage.

Eskyman said...

May Dan Crenshaw live forever; his blood's worth bottlin'!

Sadly it isn't just cities anymore, the entire state of CA is plagued with illegals voting, being elected to office, and being appointed to official positions by the neer-do-wells already ensconced in the halls of power.

The last midterm election showed how it works: Republicans won a number of seats; but not for long, as the votes were "harvested" i.e. printed & counted, until enough were on hand for the seat to be overturned in favor of a Democrat. Repeat until there aren't any Republicans anymore, even in what were once strongholds, like Orange County.

There is no way for a Republican to be elected anymore in CA. The illegals vote, but that's not even the worst part: the Dems have created a one-party state where the crooks make the rules as to who votes, operate the printing presses to create more votes than there are legal voters, then do the vote counting, and in case of accusations of fraud also own the court system and most of the judges. It's no surprise that these fraudulent officials find nothing wrong with the procedures, they're some of the beneficiaries!

How does one vote their way out of that? It's crooked from top to bottom. Expect an exodus of conservatives from CA, which is already happening; but rich liberals are still coming here to share in the gutting of this once- Golden State.

It's the tale of the Goose Who Laid the Golden Eggs all over again, and the goose is already cooked; now it's being sliced & served up- but not to the working or middle class, oh no. You've got to be a liberal lunatic to get a piece of this goose!

HMS Defiant said...

Who cares?

Not me!

It will drive them further insane to have illegals voting in places like Californiastan and won't they be happy when the Democrats win all the votes? Why no. No they won't.

If 100% of the vote recorded in Californiastan is won by Democrats they still don't get a single extra vote in the Electoral College. All those millions of destitute impoverished illegals living in tents or caves and voting in their elections will result in Californiastan voters who start to demand way more social services, better schools, better housing, better medical care, better everything and unfortunately, it's the state of Californiastan who has to pay for all that and take it out of everything else they provide to legitimate citizens.



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