Thursday, April 11, 2019

Just So ... Assange


Anonymous said...

Assange remains a BERNIE BRO who has worked to bring down the USA.
Deal with it.

toadold said...

It is a toss up as to which one is responsible for getting the most people killed. Ifigure Assage has gotten the most Americans killed. Suckerbug the most Chinese.

Eskyman said...

We probably now have the best president of the United States that we have had in my lifetime largely due to Julian Assange releasing the emails of the corrupt-o-crats: the Clinton Campaign, the Podestas and the DNC. Though we hear a lot about nonexistent "Russian hacking" this was probably due to Seth Rich smuggling a thumb drive to Assange. If this is true then Seth Rich died a great patriot, and should be honored and respected by all Americans who love this country. Seth Rich was a Democrat; I didn't like his politics any more than Assange's, but he died to keep us free.

Without that timely release there would've been a great chance that right now my country would no longer exist, as President Hillary Clinton would have dismantled it as fast as she could do it. Instead of conservative judges being confirmed at a rapid rate the entire country would go the way of CA with its 9th Circus Clown Court. Instead of two (hopefully!) conservative Justices on the Supreme Court we'd have Ruth Bader Ginsburg clones, and our 2nd Amendment would have ceased to exist.

So you can spit bile about Assange all you want, but I reckon the man deserves the Medal of Freedom for what he's done. Put that in your pipe & smoke it!

Dan said...

Assange is accused of helping Manning bust a password on the SIPR. That's worth some time.

Has Wikileaks done any revelations on Russia, Iran, China?

Anonymous said...

TO Dan

NO. The filthy little cowards want to live.
That's why they doxxed ICE people...easy target.

They live to make juvenile trouble (calling it "journalistic freedom") mainly for the USA, and also other Western States.

Anonymous said...

a bit more on assange

Dan said...

Anony at 8:40AM
Brian Cates (twitter @drawandstrike, and ) does some fairly good research. He also is a columnist at

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