Thursday, April 04, 2019

When our B-52 is the only hope


MMinWA said...

It's out of your mind madness to allow 100s of 1,000s of moslims to LEGALLY emigrate here. Why in God's name is a mystery to me. I get that they'll vote REgressive but it's like injecting yourself with cancer cells because they get rid of wrinkles.

Hell, the open borders gets the same voting results without the no-go zones, honor killings, gay hate, death to America, FGM and everything these flocking crazy nutjobs bring here with them.

When they have OPENLY stated their intention is to outbreed us and impose sharia law, who in the f*ck is responsible for allowing this to continue-yeah I'm talking to you President Trump.

If he were to simply issue an EO stopping ALL immigration, there's be none of this BS about moslims being singled out.

Pointless to bitch, it's too late anyway. We're way past being able to do a thing about this sans violence. Which is coming. I hope to hell I can still get a fairly tight grouping when it does show up.

Dan Patterson said...

Love it when they bunch together like that.

toadold said...

I've been contemplating getting a shot gun and working up some water melon patch loads, Rock Salt and mustard seed. For a little more agro, bird shot soaked in mustard seed oil.

Anonymous said...

Rodge - If the B-52's autopilot is working, you bring a bushel of steamed crabs, I'll bring a case of beer and 120-150 rounds for the GAU-8, and it'll be a fun trip.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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