Monday, June 10, 2019

How many of us have considered doing just this? And have not? As soon as I finish The Last Kingdom, I’m gone.


ET2Madams said...

Video's unavailable. Huh. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Boss, you're gonna have to 'splain that one to us. It got disappeared.

I'm sh00cked

Eskyman said...

People, you gotta click the link where it says, "Watch this video on YouTube."

More and more Utoob content is being locked away, particularly that of conservative content-makers. Be glad this one can still be seen, at least for now!

I quit Netflix myself years ago, the amount of rubbish seemed to keep growing but the movies I wanted to see kept dwindling. YMMV!

Juice said...

*VIDEO: Click directly on the youtube title and be taken to youtube where it plays just fine.

Okay, if I wasn't hooked into all the Narcos and Ozark series, maybe I'd move on. ITMT, I avoid what offends my sensibilities. I am a series binge watcher, honestly admitted, and recently got my husband to join in with the, Bad Blood, (Canadian) series, of which there are currently 2 seasons. Know what we discovered the other night while watching these mobbed up drug dealers? - they don't curse! We heard one time "a**". It seems these days that American entertainment cannot write any script that doesn't include immeasurable amounts of F bombs, and it is just plain lazy and annoying. In this respect, Bad Blood, is refreshing as well as being well acted including some names I enjoy watching.

So there it is, why I'm not quick to boycott. Since "cutting the cord" several years ago, we don't miss connected TV. We use Prime, Netflix, BritBox, and recently, Starz. Starz, was by choice as it is considered more family friendly than Cinemax, AKA Skinemax. Just because we no longer have children in the home doesn't we enjoy filth. IMO, Amazon makes some great series: Goliath, Sneaky Pete; Bosch; Patriot; Jack Ryan; The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, to name a few.

This is probably more than anyone was looking for but I just tend to avoid what I dislike and sort out what I enjoy. Also, I am a huge fan of the horror genre as it is far less scary than the headlines and politics of the current USA. ~Juice

MAX Redline said...

Never done Netflix,myself. Don't think I've been missing out.

oldvet1950 said...

I cancelled my subscription last year after they had Michelle Wolf do a special on a Red White & Blue Salute to Abortion. What sick f***ers! Oh, and also the Obamas have been given a fantastic deal to produce a series of shows exclusively for Netflix.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I have NF is I can choose the content; they have a lot of history & nature programs that we enjoy, and the occasional movie- cable network TV is such a fucking wasteland it amazes me it still exists.
Between that and Hulu, which I get free with my cell carrier, That's more than enough video entertainment for us.

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