Thursday, June 13, 2019

John Dean is destroyed .. No, really.



Skoonj said...

Jim Jordan ripped Dean a new one. But actually, Dean's career was destroyed by himself many years ago. If the Democrats thought they could revive his career they were wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that he was called to testify means that his career is doing ok. These POS swamp dwellers are unaffected by things that would be considered career-killers for the normal human. He will continue to get consulting gigs from people that are trying to get access to others that he knows. The best thing is that he will someday pass on and, only then, will he be forgotten. He'll be forgotten because his carcass won't be able to prop up sleazeballs looking for a hand-out.

OregonGuy said...

What ever happened to Mo Biner?

Ralph Gizzip said...

I'll bet G. Gordon Liddy wishes he went through with is idea 40-some years ago.

He wanted to have Dean whacked before he ever testified to the Watergate Commission.

Anonymous said...

Dean was not in fact sent to prison after his conviction.

He was sent to a half way house........what was that, a reward?

This a$$hole has drank so much Koolaid he sloshes when he walks.

Sir H the Comet

MMinLamesa said...

Jim Jordan is as stated, The Real Deal

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