Saturday, July 06, 2019

Let this soak in ...

Watched it 6 times.  We are,or ought be, in a declared state of war with these people.


Skoonj said...

Yes, of course. Here was one of the dozens I had hoped would be announced as arrested coup plotters when President Trump gave is speech on July 4th. I am sorely disappointed that he didn't make that announcement. It would have been a great topper for the rest of his celebration and speech.

Yes, I was getting a bit antsy about it as we got closer to July 4th, and the DoJ Inspector General had not released his report in May. Or June. My hope was that the IG had supplied all that was necessary to Barr at DoJ, and to Trump himself. But it didn't happen, and in fact we heard some late FISA witness information coming to the IG is July. That pretty much blew my time line. I don't even think Mueller will be arrested on his way to his Congressional testimony, or even on his way back home from it.

I still think it will happen, but it was a great opportunity lost.

toadold said...

Wait till October, that is the traditional "Surprise" month. The Trump campaign will have a lot of money to spend, A lot of video of the left shooting themselves in their feet, And a heavily built up resent of the Media and other organizations invested by the flea ridden rats of the left.

Anonymous said...

We may as well be at war with those people. They've been at war with us for a long time now. Those are the facts, so they may as well be the theory of the matter as well.

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