Monday, November 25, 2019

The argument for destroying Google and Facebook ...


I only listened to half before.... gulp.  


Anonymous said...

About that wireless and 5G stuff. We went to the Trinity Site open house in October. I've got the newest iPhone and I lost mobile service shortly after we went onto the White Sands Missile Range near Tularosa, NM. Didn't re-establish service until we got off the range and were starting to get close to the Valley of the Fires right out side if Carrizozo. So there's a huge swath out there in the New Mexico desert, where they used to set off atomic bombs, where you ain't gettin' no service.

rwnutjob said...

Agreed. I listened to the whole thing. I never do that. Google is evil.

oldvet1950 said...

Another Carrington event could make all this moot.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, 0651: First, there is only ONE place where an atomic bomb was detonated on the WSMR - the Trinity Site which you say you visited.
Second, I don't remember looking for cell phone coverage along US54 between Tulie and 'Zozo because I didn't expect any and I've traveled that route many times. I once knew a fellow who listed Oscuro, NM, as his address. He and his wife made up the bulk of the permanent population. The lack of population has as much to do with lack of cell phone coverage along that stretch of highway, which isn't even close to being ON WSMR, as anything. If your carrier isn't Verizon your cell phone is pretty much useless around here unless you're in Ruidoso or Alamogordo.
It is also the lack of population, vast distances, and mountains which I hope will prevent 5G from polluting this region any time in the foreseeable future which disappoints me not at all. --GPO5CSD

OregonGuy said...

Thank you, Rodger. Sent on to my besties and both sons. Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Cell phone service providers provide cell phone service where the people are because, to quote Willie Sutton, "that's where the money is." The calculation for the provision of cellular service is as follows: Big area + no people = no customers = no revenue = no cell towers = no cell phone service.

As to the argument for destroying Google/Facebook, I am confused. No argument, as far as I'm concerned, just do it.

Sir H the Comet

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