Monday, May 15, 2006


I've been uncomfortable with Google for some time, for lots of reasons.  After today, those reasons are squared. This morning I posted on Google's attempt to get legislation passed that would effectively bar all high-speed network operators from competing with them in certain areas.  In that pursuit that have been shoveling money around, and effectively underwriting's. effort to defeat congressional republicans.   Now read Kim du Toit's post about Barking Moonbat.  Google has simply erased him from memory, who knows for what reason. 

"I have sent repeated messages to Google and the only response I get is “We cannot comment on the reason your site was dropped”.

Here's Barking Moonbat's link in case you'd like to blogroll it, or just stop by and let him know that we know what's happening. 


Anonymous said...

BMEWS is one of my favorite blogs, along with this one and (Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler) and

I long for a world where things aren't always categorized in a narrow left-right way.

I guess I'm an idealist. Today it turned out that Google is leftist. I'd kind of suspected-- Google News is like a "best-of" left-wing news sites. They have Xinhua, but not NewsMax or CNS. Fine. No more Google for me. It's a boycott.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I changed my drop-down search from Google to Yahoo! on FireFox the day Charles at LGF posted his rejection letter. SayUncle isn't listed by Google anymore because of his pro-gun stance - and he was "scrubbed" from the archives too.

Bad people at Google. They support China and block pro-gun sites in the US.
Bad people at Google.

Perhaps we should make a "Google Bomb" of "Censorship" and point to


Anonymous said...

I guess it's old news that if you enter Failure in the search line and then click on I Feel Lucky, you'll get a bio of Bush.
So...what search engine is next best?

Anonymous said...


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