Monday, July 31, 2006

Family Fortue by Kim duToit

A moving Victorian saga
It's been awhile since we vacationed as a family at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, but it used to be an annual event.  Like many of you I take the beach vacation opportunity to laze away doing nothing but read books, ride the surf (look at beach butt), and drink whiskey.  I purposely eschewed the computer to allow all this to happen. 

Each vacation is tabbed in my mind by a book I read.  There was the Flashman year at The Villas, and several Clancy summers when Tom  happened to publish his latest thriller just prior to our trip.  This year I read four books, but I believe that in the future I will designate this as the ''du Toit summer.'' 

The second book I read, on Tuesday when it rained the entire day, was Kim's Family Fortunes.  I did not put it down.  Could not.  I will say just a few things about it. 

Despite Kim's blog reputation as a man possessed by firearms, that passion does not in any way drive this narrative.  In fact, it will be as evenly received by the ladies as it was by me.  Set  against the backdrop of Victorian England, it contains the finest villainy and comeuppances, both sweet assignation and lusty  flesh pressings, and a coherent action filled story line.  My only disappointment was that John-John and Caroline never consummated.  I recommend it to one and all.  When the movie is made, I do think I'd make a perfect Roger.  Ahem. Well done Kim.  Very well done, in fact.


Kim du Toit said...

Errrr John and Caroline were brother and sister, ya perv.

No wonder Mrs. Schultz came home three days early.

Rodger Schlong said...

Donny and Marie would have been good casting.

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