Monday, July 31, 2006

Ted Kennedy wants to fix the courts

Rodge, I don't think it's possible for Ted Kennedy to say or do anything that would make him more of a caricature of himself than he already is.
Then you'd be wrong, Kopeckne Breath Gasper
chutz·pah also hutz·pah Pronunciation (tsp, ht-)
Utter nerve; effrontery: "The confirmation process became broken because the Bush administration learned the wrong lesson from the failed Bork nomination " Edward Kennedy

Roberts and Alito Misled Us

By Edward M. Kennedy
Sunday, July 30, 2006; Page B01

 I have had the honor of serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee for 43 years, during which I've participated in confirmation hearings for all the justices who now sit on the Supreme Court. Over that time, my colleagues and I have asked probing questions and listened attentively to substantive responses. Because we were able to learn a great deal about the nominees from those hearings, the Senate has rarely voted along party lines. Blah -blah-blah-blah-blah.
Jeffrey Lord manages to respond for us [Dear Senator Kennedy: Resigning to Reform] in a scholarly manner.  That is to say, he somehow is able to tweak this twit without once calling Mr. Kennedy a ''cowardly, cheating, low-life arrogant MFCS.''  I am impressed. 

Dear Senator Kennedy:

As comedienne Joan Rivers used to say: Can we talk????

Those of us who have been calling repeatedly for fundamental reform of what has become a corrupted judicial confirmation process can only read your July 30th op-ed in the Washington Post with astonishment.

Most amazingly, after decades of abuse of the process you are now calling for reform yourself. Having written a book (The Borking Rebellion) documenting the behind the scenes machinations of the Senate Judiciary Committee as viewed through the 2002 nomination brawl over now Third Circuit Judge D. Brooks Smith, I am pleased you have at last spoken to the subject.

Read and know.


Anonymous said...

welcome home...

hope vacay was a perfect...

TED KENNEDY is a Democrat (all that is needed to be said these days, for they all seem to be deeply insane, unethical, morons...)

Jack Hamilton said...

The best thing I have read about this clown in many moon.

Jim - PRS said...


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