Saturday, May 13, 2006

Drive-by harpooning

Hu is president of China?

George W Bush and Condoleeza Rice are having a meeting...

Useful Fun

Useful Fun
Two guys were sitting in a penitentiary when one turned to the other and said, "The food was better here when you were governor."

And, by way of explaing  McKinney, Waxman, Biden, et al.

"About 15 percent [actually 28%]  of the people in America are screwballs, lightweights and boobs," he said, "and you don't want people like that not represented in the Congress."

Former Senate majority whip Alan Simpson

A Girl and her dog

A Girl and her dog
Click pic for a nice companion series .. but don't wander too much, else you might see nipples.

Global Warming Proof?

Global Warming Proof?
When you get down to it - this has more scientific value than anything the Goreons have yet offered.

Track Your Stats

Stuff That Works
I like  automatic referrer lists, but when my last guy decided to start charging for the service, I opted out, as did most everyone it seems.  Any way, I've been looking for a new (free) replacement ever since, one that works on, and I have.  I like TrackYourStats  a lot because you have total control over what gets displayed (mine are way bottom).  For instance, the newest spammer gimmick is to start a blog and spray the world with hits.  Takes about 5 seconds to ban site (which means keep it from showing as a link).  You're welcome.

Flying with the Blue Angels

Where a couch potato does an Immelman

private property

That's Mine! Dammit.
'' If you think you own a piece of property, I have news for you. You don’t. You are merely leasing the land. If you don’t believe me, try not paying your taxes for a few years and see if you still own the property. ''
That truth via groveratredneck.  He adds -
''And by the way, your landlord will determine how you can use the property, as noted in the story linked above. (about the Virginian stopped from holding church services in his barn)''
 I don't know enough about the zoning laws,  or existing covenants to say whether I agree with that part,  but in principle he's right., and it goes even deeper.  After the American Civil Rebellion the federal government paid Robert E. Lee for seized land (now Arlington Cometary). Would that happen today/?  I doubt it. Here's the guiding principle folks - If government is allowed to take even one man's property, then there is no private property anywhere.  When the government prohibits, say,  a land owner from cutting his own timber, that's seizure. Grrrr. Which is precisely why Thomas Jefferson said ''The price of Liberty is hanging Joseph Biden.''

Woman gets punched

''So Rodge, what the heck is going on here?''
Okay, I ran this through the disgronificator, and it seems the lady in the red shirt says ..

''Are you daft?   If Democrats win the House we can impeach Bush, and stop paying our mercenary army to kill babies in Iraq ....''