Tuesday, May 01, 2007

All News is Good News

A Place Where All News is Good News

Several weeks ago I saw this program on Discovery Channel and I liked it. 

NARRATOR: Everything you are about to hear is true, at least in this Universe it is. For almost a hundred years science has been haunted by a dark secret: that there might be mysterious hidden worlds beyond our human senses. Mystics had long claimed there were such places. They were, they said, full of ghosts and spirits. The last thing science wanted was to be associated with such superstition, but ever since the 1920s physicists have been trying to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery. When they tried to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles like electrons they found it was utterly impossible. They had no single location.

ALAN GUTH (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): When one studies the properties of atoms one found that the reality is far stranger than anybody would have invented in the form of fiction. Particles really do have the possibility of, in some sense, being in more than one place at one time.

NARRATOR: The only explanation which anyone could come up with is that the particles don't just exist in our Universe. They flit into existence in other universes, too and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes, all of them slightly different. In effect, there's a parallel universe in which Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo. In another the British Empire held on to its American colony. In one you were never born.

ALAN GUTH: Essentially anything that can happen does happen in one of the alternatives which means that superimposed on top of the Universe that we know of is an alternative universe where Al Gore is President and Elvis Presley is still alive.

If there's a world where Al Gore is President, then there must be one where Al Gore doesn't even exist.  I set out to find that world, and I did.  It's here. http://goodnewz.blogspot.com/  It's an evolving world, but everybody will be happy there, or they won't exist.  USA! UAS! USA!


Atheist Right said...

An alternate universe where Al Goreski is president, and America is a third world country and has become over run by Jihadis that Al Gore calls Congressmen or U.N has fulfilled their "One Nation World" agenda.

Juice said...

"There's always hope."
Rodger, if that url is your's....
you are brilliant!
Love it!
It's *universal* hope for the weary! :D

JMcD said...

Sure wish Discovery Channel would rerun that program (Parallel Universes. THAT would be worth turning that damn TV on for.

Rodger Schlong said...

Juice, it was created by my good alter ego, Rodger Putz.

JP said...

Time and space, 11 dimensions , branes [the other brains], black holes in every galaxy. Somebody has alot of spain'n and I do not think "No Chill'n left on da'bus" is gonna get us there.

Anonymous said...

A gold star for Rodger Putz.

Juice said...

Miss hearing from you around here.
Juice :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll check back on that one. A happy universe. Hope that Putz guy can keep it up...er, I mean going.

Anonymous said...

"an alternative universe where Al Gore is President and Elvis Presley is still alive."

Actually, I'd prefer it the other way around. Thank you very much!

JMcD said...

I put the new site on my favorites...Looks good..I'll be there often.

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