Thursday, May 17, 2007

Immigration Sell-out

I don't care who leads the effort to drag every one in government into a barn of hay and torch it - I don't care if it's Hispanic gangs; I don't care if its Islamo mother fuckers, I don't care if it's the fucking Crips.  I want to help.  This government is so broken it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. 
Rodger is under a lot of stress and doesn't mean that.
The fuck I don't!


Anonymous said...

We are fucked. I expected the Donks would fuck us but I really thought George was going to cover at least some of our ass. George likes our ass just as much as the Donks if not more. We are fucked.

Anonymous said...

I told you yesterday they were going to give it to us up the *ss. If this passes, and it looks to, W is going to sign it. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE

This is going to doom this country and doom the Republicans in '08 and probably we'll never recover. We'll have the one-two knockout punches of massive(100M!!!) illegal immigration along with half of America in some head in the sand, La-La fantasy about the real world. And we have front row seats.

HTF can our party be so GD *ucking stupid? I just don't understand. I pity my daughter, maybe she'll come to live with me on Nevis.

Anonymous said...

Time for Civil War II to commence.

Anonymous said...


the comments on this are really fun.

so GW, who is fighting the GWOT, is now worse than a Democrat?

even without reading the bill?

even as it hasn't been voted upon in either body?


Conservatives used to be objective, reasoned, strong, etc...

now they sound like liberals...

emotion and hyperbole.


This was all made possible, by the endless undermining of the Republican Majority, and the failure to VOTE to keep that Majority in Congress.

Whoever empowered Nancy and Harry last NOV. 2006, are just as responsible for this bill.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rodger. Both parties are complete sellouts and we're on our own here. I now have zero incentive to vote for any Republican. The bastards!

Politicians of both parties have proven they love their power more than they love their country.


Anonymous said...

The Beach Boys Greatest Hits is playing on our stereo now. So, as long as I'm riding the waves....
Please keep that ambulance revved up. When the music stops I'm gonna need a ride.
HNAV, it's because we're growing weary of how often our party and president have let us down domestically. Pussies!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but that is total horse shit Bush has been working ever sense he was reelected for an amnesty and yes on this he is every bit as bad as the damn democrats. He has screwed the American people and the republican leadership is cutting there own damn throat. This may well mean the end of the republican party as a viable alternative to demorats. i have worked and worked for republicans for 30 years now to be screwed by them like this they deserve what the hell they get. The only hope is maybe people can raise such hell these bastards will back off. No damn better than Kennedy period.

MitchM said...

Rodger, Jack, Juice, HNAV...take a deep breath. None of it matters. Oh yeah we keep going through the motions hoping that against all odds we can stop our country's plummet into anarchy or worse. It's too late. Now we wait and prepare. I feel the only way to fix things is to let 'em break all the way and then rebuild it the way it was meant to be. In the future when someone suggests fixing the Constitution they should be dragged into the street and shot. We have enough people here. No more. The melting pot is full, put the lid on! The people who are trying to get in have already screwed their own countries up, why let them mess with ours. I'm working on becoming more patient. It is hard. Most of the time I just want to kill something.

Anonymous said...

....No words....too discouraged...may have to give up all media and find some sand for my OWN head...

I didn't think I could get any mor depressed about this once great country--wrong.


AnnoyedOne said...

As most of you know I'm an immigrant and have been a US citizen since Sept 2005. I spent ten years go through the legal process to achieve that. Right now I'm in a state of pissedness you can't imagine. So now 12 million MF'er fence-jumpers are going to get the same rights as me because they can either
a) swim
b) jump

I need to go beat the shit out of something! Where's Teddy when you need him?

MOMinuteMan said...

"I'm working on becoming more patient. It is hard. Most of the time I just want to kill something.
# posted by GenCpl Rilerite

I'm with ya there

Anonymous said...

Everyone that has republican senators need to contact them and tell them if they vote for this masness that we will punish them. that it will be 0 more years before the the bastards ever see a majority and it may actually never again. The base nedds to punish them so badly they will resign. It makes no difference if they are going to act and vote like friggin democrats we might as well have the real thing in the senate. I will urge every republican to renounce and change to independant in mass abot 30 million and these bastards will get the idea. I cannot remember when I have been so furious over legislation. The back stabbing bastard. I will join any movement to impeach Bush.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to change my voter registration if W signs this POS. I am not nor will I ever be a Banana Republican.

Anonymous said...

LOL !!!

here we go again...

no one read anything about anything, but they have abandoned the GOP, giving Hillary a Presidency.

that's brilliance.

just like what happened in 2006, as there seems more wimps and alarmists on the Conservative side, eager to empower the Liberal Democrat folly.

it is truly embarrassing.

impeach Bush?


insanity takes over.

as tax increases, cutting US Defense, real open borders, felons voting, gay marriage, UN empowered, massive spending increases, surrender in the GWOT, social security payroll taxation, etc., etc.

hell, maybe even reparations, global warming bans, kyoto crap, regulation of the free market, etc.

YEAH, let's just piss it away.

Didn't 2006 teach any of you anything?


Anonymous said...

oh, by the way, the illegals you are screaming over, ready to give the Country to Hillary for...



you cannot make this stuff up.

yes, there have been major improvements in border control by this Administration, so much so, farmers in the South are talking about how they are worried about getting crops in, with loses to a percentage of crop predicted, raising prices for all.

but that doesn't matter...

just bail on the GOP and give Pelosi another four years with Murtha to run the HOUSE.


all for illegal who are HERE.

so if no reform is produced?



but impeach the only guy in Washington willing to fight Radical Muslims...

my fellow Conservatives have been hit with a case of pure reactionary insanity.

burn the house, to kill the mice.

then face the cold socialism.

Anonymous said...

When they came out with that news story about the labor shortage I said this amnesty would follow and that is what motivated it. Hell if the damn republicans are no different than the crappers it makes no difference. we survived Clinton and Carter I can survive anything kick there asses to the curb and they might get the lesson they need. I have done plenty for the damn republican party and do not need any lecture while they stab me and all other Americans in the back for cheap labor. I hope millions change there party afilliation. I will do all I can to get them to. It still does not mean we can"t vote for Thompson but damn them if they pass this amnesty let the crappers have tthe leadership for 50 more friggin years. They deserve what they get

Anonymous said...

Jack, I'm mad as hell too with any so-called Repubs who go along with this thing, but rather than change party, why not work hard in primaries to put incumbents out, and write to incumbents that that is what you'll do? I'm also mad as hell at the repub voters who stayed home last November to "show the Repubs we're pissed." That worked real well. We have Her Cuntness and Dingy Harry running the show because the door was opened a crack, and look what we got. Damned if I'm going to fall back and leave the door wide open for these thieving, lying Marxists who want to run every minute thing in our lives and pick our pockets at the same time. HNV is right; it ain't good, but it can be a helluva lot worse.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Jack, i can only disagree with your effort.

we didn't survive the Clinton madness, as 9-11 came crashing into NYC, and we are still fighting for our existence in a War that could have been avoided if a Democrat hadn't been in charge for 8 years.

we all payed for allowing some fools to peddle pardons to Marc Rich, pardon the FLAN, and bring Arafat to the White House.

NUTTY KIM in NK was empowered by these fools, and i highly doubt we can afford to sell more secrets to China to line Hillary's pocket.

Clintonia only empowered the Libs, and entrenched Democrats in the CIA, FBI, the Courts, or have you forgotten about GINSBURG sitting on the SC?

And they want to RETURN the fools, named Hillary and Bill to power.

no, Ronald Reagan isn't around a corner, waiting to pick up the mess of another Carter, and we still live with the Carter folly, or don't you remember the problem with Iran?

we didn't survive the Clintons, and much of the illegal immigration you are upset with, happened under a Democrat Administration.

in fact, we know full well Billy brought tens of thousands of Muslims to Fort DIX.

you don't need a lecture?

while you talk about empowering Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the House for the next couple of decades?


you haven't even given the GOP a chance to react to this, a bill in which you haven't even seen.

Senator Kyl is outstanding, why not give him a chance.

besides, even without a bill, the illegals STAY HERE?


yeah, that sure makes sense to me.

and yet, those who did not vote for the GOP in the last election, should not say a word, for they encouraged this...

Linda Sue O'Grady said...

What a hunk of horse shit.

We are doomed.

MitchM said...

HNAV, this isn't just about one stupid bill, this is cumulative. I did vote. I hate mice. I hate invaders. Yes they are already here. That's the problem. I want them gone. Others go through years of hoops to become citizens but they get everything gratis without even becoming citizens because they broke the law. This isn't knee-jerk, this is rage. Have you seen the stuff they say at these rallys? Have you seen the looks of hatred in the poor neighborhoods. I live in one. Sooner or later I'm going to have to fight someone who objects to my border patrol hat. Fine, you want to keep fighting them at the polls, I do to, I'm just afraid it's too late. I am going to change my status to inidependent or something though. I think a lot of people are. It will get a reaction.
P.S. Also remember what it says up top about catharsis. Many are blowing off steam here and the actions taken subsequently will be somewhat more subdued. If it weren't for this spot I have no doubt the earth would be a glowing cinder floating through space. It is possible I overstated it's effectiveness but not by too much. Deep breath, smiles everyone, smiles. Boss, zee plane, zee plane...

MitchM said...

LindaSoG, what are the rules for becoming a citizen in Israel? Do you have to convert or is Christian OK? How long until they let you defend the country with a rifle? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. Our "government" is selling us down the river faster than they can spend money. Or is that the same for them?
I've said for years that the Democrooks and Republicrooks were just 2 sides of the same coin. And they team up to do this to us. I need more tequila and rum before I explode......

Anonymous said...

Don't give up, and don't quit.

You are going to want those few years of prep time you are threatening to waste by giving up now.

All sorts of things can happen in the next few years. If nothing else, you need to fight for time to put together and stock a safehouse while it is still lawful to do so.

Vote for and support the best candidates available ... even a RINO asshole is better than some socialist moonbat intent on inflicting Democide.

Buy time while you can.

Unknown said...

What a bunch of freeking dweebs. As soon as I heard that McCain was sure to be in the front of photo shot with Kennedy I said, "That's it. We're forked."

The Senate is sending to the House. Hope to hell some real hell is raised there.

Anonymous said...

"Banana Republican", love it.

This is fabulous shit, sort of the political equivalent of critical mass required to detonate a nuke. Wait until this shit starts to rattle around the blogosphere a bit, then hits the next Rep Primary Debate.


Linda Sue O'Grady said...

GenCpl Rilerite: I've never looked into immigration for non-Jews into Israel since 'm Jewish and all I have to do is show up.

I get closer to making that decision every day.

Anonymous said...

In all respect to everyone that post here but hell no , hell no I need no lecture about the Republicans. i am also not giving up on anything. I never give up and it is that attribute that saved my life and left 8 NVA dead. But to keep voting for someone who bops you in the kister everytime you do is the definitionb of insanity. I will vote for a Republican like Thompson or for a Newt and can do that as an independent. But these backstabbers like the 2 Ga. senators and Kyl if they sign on to this I would urge there folks to teach them a lesson and turn them out of office. I would do it by trying to find a decent Republican or independent to replece them but if I could not I damne sure would not vote for then again no matter what. They will just keep bopping you in the kister. My allegience is to the USA not the damn Republican party if they are going to screw me everytime I turn around. Let them take your vote for granted and with the mind set laughing what they gonna do Vote for a demorat. No Mr. Isakson No Mr Kyl but I damn sure would not vote for you. They are trying to treat us the same way Democrats treat black people. No no lecture please. If they are willing to see this country destroyed by amnesty then it does not matter who is in office. When the 60 million new illegals get here we have lost our country any way. The illegals can be made to self deport if we simply jail and fine those hiring them and it would not take but about 3 or 4 prosecutions and you would see a line of illegals headed back to Mexico. They are leaving GA. Now in droves because of the actions taken by the state there. If the Politicians did there job we would not have this problem. But they are selling out our country for cheap labor for corperations I hope a cheap head of lettuce is worth your country. But If they sign off on this I will bust my buns to help defeat any I can that voted for this crap.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the typos but I am a 2 fingered typist and I was blazing on the key board. I also respect those that post here but facts are facts. We have more people killed here every day in this country by illegal's than are killed in all the wars we are involved in combined. Imagine how many will be killed when the next 60 million relatives of these illegals arrive.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Sometimes I regret becoming unhinged in print. Not this time. I feel exactly the same a day later, even more so.

Anonymous said...

Roger the same here my friend. I have called just about all the senators officies since yesterday. I mean all. I have sent over 200 faxes. I have now set my 2 fax machine to polling and can do 2000 a day. I am about to push the button I also have one price for all long distance on that line. I used the same system when i worked for Bill Frist.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, HILLARYNEEDSAVACATION, but there's not a significant difference.

The democrats are the express train to hell, Republicans are the local. A few extra stops along the way, and they arrive a few hours later, but the same result.

Anonymous said...

So when they're all made "citizens" will they all have 2nd Amendment rights?


Anonymous said...


Sure. But since they don't share native-born American's love for freedom (and instead bring with them the peasant's mentality from their third-world upbringings) they'll happily surrender the 2nd Amendment, or if they're in the mood for a bargain, trade it for a few $$ handouts.

The culture which defines America is now in grave risk of being erased by a wave of newcomers who do not wish to assimilate and will not be required to do so.

Won't be long before we press 1 for Espanol, 2 for English.

Anonymous said...

That's cute, you think English will be an option. Now I'm going to speed up my saving plan for a shotgun (Mossberg), a rifle (Beretta Cx4 Storm in .45 ACP), and another handgun. And lots and lots of ammo.

Anonymous said...


If you'd like a glimpse of what non-citizens who try do to right by the law on immigration have to go through, I posted a personal account on my blog a while ago.

It's here



Anonymous said...

What's with all that LOL shit.
You guys are a day late, and a dollar short. The government sold out the citizens of this country back in the late '50s and early '60s.
You're just now waking up to that fact.
But as is allocated by one of the Framers...every 20 years we should be plowing some blood back into the soil of this great country. It purges out the contaminates like hitlery and the goracle.
Git r dun

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