Monday, April 21, 2008

I am not making this up

Say No To Second Hand Schmuck

No, it's not a gag, an April Fool's joke, or an Onion article. And even I, long a hardened cynic about all things nanny state, have a hard time believing it. But it appears to be true: The EU looks ready to wage war on secondhand drinking:

The campaigns to combat the effects of ‘passive smoking’ are widely credited for Europe’s growing number of smoking bans. Now alcohol is in the sights of the public health lobbyists, and they have invented the concept of ‘passive drinking’ as their killer argument.

I have seen a leaked draft report for the European Commission, which is due to be published some time in June. It makes claims about the high environmental or social toll of alcohol, the ‘harm done by someone else’s drinking’. The report is likely to inform proposals for a European Union alcohol strategy later this year.

.... ‘You can make the argument that what an individual drinks is up to them, provided they understand what they are doing and bearing in mind that alcohol is  blah-blah-liberal.blah

Posted By: Peter Suderman


B....... said...

I did nothing when they came for the cigarettes – for I did not smoke

I did nothing when they came for the Big Macs – for I did not fast-food

I did nothing........

Juice said...

AND...a Big High-Five from the Nation of Islam. Next stop, Second Hand Dress Wear; Second Hand Religion; Second Hand Speech. Way to go Europunies.

Anonymous said...

I think Second Hand Stupid is a much more serious problem followed by Second Hand Liberal. Most of our society's problems can be traced there.


Rodger the Real King of France said...


Anonymous said...

They will get my bottle when they pry it from cold drunk hands


pdwalker said...

Cannot. Possibly. Be. True.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Oh, it's twue. Hell, the French have begun to fine any media outlet that promotes the "skinny" model look, because it makes fat people unhappy.

Anonymous said...

Second hand smoking. Second hand drinking.Second hand odors (garlic, perfume etc.).........So if you took a walk down the streets of San Francisco would you get second hand co.........?uh. Forget it.

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