Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blog Cross

End result, tomorrow, I have an appointment have this MFCS of a tumor eradicated. I’m out of my insurance network, which means I’m going to be out-of-pocket a bit but so what. I’m getting the best treatment available and I’m getting it right now. I’ll deal with the financial fallout later.

Tomorrow, the battle begins.


Linda SoG is one of the finest people I know and I adore her. Lots of us do. If you all wouldn’t mind sending some of your fantastic healing powers her way I’d really appreciate it.

You’ve all done so well by me the last week or so that I don’t need them so much any more.....

Because it just never hurts to ask, if anyone cares to offer a little financial help towards her medical bill I’ll be taking donations all week. I’d like to pull the post after tomorrow so we could surprise her but that’s really not as important as giving people a little time.
If anything we can buy her a nice get-well present. I know all of mine did wonders to cheer me up.

Headmistress Sondrak
08/13 at 08:30 PM •
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PS - If you want to use my PayPal, please designate it for Linda, and I'll pass it, and your name, on to SondraK.


Anonymous said...

Love you Rodger and Love and hugs to Linda too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rodger, Linda just got home and she did great. She said she is very tired and is going to sleep now for awhile. She wanted me to tell you hi and she loves you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I have been wondering how Linda was doing today.
Very pleased to hear she did good.
Must..Resist..Frankenstein... Jokes...

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