Friday, September 19, 2008

E-Mail Hacker

And the hacker is ...

His name is David Kernell, son of Mike Kernell, a Democrat member of the Tennessee House of Representatives and a major supporter of The Messiah Himself.

Lo and behold, Mike Kernell, supporter of the Chocolate Jesus, has a son named David. The family is from Memphis.

No, this is far from just some random prank pulled by an Internet troll. This is partisan politics, dirty tricks style, at its sleaziest. (Libertarian Republican)


Anonymous said...

$20 says HIS email has a lot more in it that'll make his Daddy embarassed than Palin's.

....I'm guessing directions to anonymous park bathrooms and traded porn.

Anonymous said...

He's a student @ UT-Knoxville.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I can emphasize with, but not excuse, the somewhat serendipitous way he gained entrance, but he should have zippered up his pants and left quickly. What he did with the information is rape. I would send him to prison, but it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if it rains or freezes
'long as I got my Chocolate Jesus
tellin' me everything's gonna change

Barack, he is the Black Messiah
he ain't like no redneck pariah
the Reverend Wright, he tells me that is true

I won't be clingin' to my guns and 'ligion
don't need 'em now, not even a smidgeon
Barry's going to show me the righteous way

I can't be makin' any dumb errors
I listen to his pal, Ol' Bill Ayers
Baracky is the best man for the job

So, don't you diss my sweet Obama
he's the one who'll get Osama
right out of that cave in downtown Pocky-stahn

Yeah, I don't care if it's rain and cloud
Me and and Michelle, we're so damn proud
Our Barack's got some change in mind for us.

Anonymous said...

They go rooting around in Gov. Palin's personal emails and all they can find is some family pictures?

Where's the smoking gun? Where's the damning evidence? Where's the cronyism, the kickbacks, the bribes?

There are none. They've just opened her closet and LOOK! No skeletons.

To me, that's the real story. If there was real dirt in there, we'd know it by now. Instead this is all they've got. Innuendo and baseless smears. HuffPo plays it classy as usual.


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