Monday, December 15, 2008

Bring Me Barney's Head

Court Orders Barney "Mad Bitch" Frank Euthanized
Frank Blames GOP for Housing Market Collapse
What else can be done with someone afflicted with rabid chutzpah?  We have a rightful expectation of protection, right? So Frank has to be put down before he kills again.

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) said conservative Republicans are to blame for the current economic downturn, arguing that he had tried to restrict troubled loans as early as 2005.

Frank blamed "the right-wing Republicans who took the position that regulation was always bad, the market was self-correcting, and you should not have any restrictions on the free flow of capital" when asked whose fault the housing market collapse is.

Frank said in an interview with Business Week that unregulated institutions made the bad loans leading to the market collapse, and indicated that the more-heavily Democratic Congress will install more regulation of the industry. [Article]


Anonymous said...

He spent money profligately, money that wasn't his, coerced formerly sound institutions into transactions that brought their ruin and sucked (like that word Barney?) millions of Americans into the vortex, ruining their financial plans laid and worked on over decades. We have video and audio of him over the last eight years, when others raised the alarm, assuring America that all is well, that there is nothing to worry about. Then that turd cannot not even shut his mouth, but pulls this kind of stunt. He is an unrepentant scumbag, a double-talking con man, an amoral cretin, a disgusting human being, and deserves a thorough ball kicking while doing his perp walk.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Scottiebill said...

The Dumbocrats in Congress, led by the Reid-Pelosi cabal of Congressional anarchists and their willing not-so-useful idiots like Barney Frank, John Kerry-Heinz, Chris Dodd, et al, want to nationalize the automakers. Then will come the health care industry for nationalization if Hillary gets her way. Now Barney "the Weenie" Frank is making rude noises, not unlike a prolonged and rather rank fart, about nationalizing the mortgage lending industry.

Does anyone sense a coming Soviet-type Socialist uprising after January 20?

Hide and watch, folks. It is coming.

Gayle Miller said...

OVER regulation is what got us here. The laws passed by a bunch of economic illiterates in Congress (mostly Dems but I blame some dumbass Republicans as well) that FORCED banking institutions to make housing loans to people who couldn't afford $50,000 houses but were allowed to purchase $400,000 houses and then - surprise, surprise - slid into default!

Barney Frank should be locked up in a house for the terminally dangerous and never set free again. He is a bloviating gasbag with the IQ of a house plant!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fwank apparently subscribes to the Gov. Blagojevich school of political theater. Someone who makes such brazenly untrue statements that are so easily proven wrong exhibits sociopathic or delusional tendencies. The guy is nuts.

I-RIGHT-I said...

"Someone who makes such brazenly untrue statements that are so easily proven wrong exhibits sociopathic or delusional tendencies. The guy is nuts."

Have you ever tried to prove anything to a leftwingfuckwit? He knows his audience well.

JMcD said...

Judge in the Barney "Mad Bitch" Frank case states,"We thought that the raging 'oral diarrhea' was terminal but looks like we'll have to do this gaping asshole ourselves."

Anonymous said...

Deregulation, riiiight! Because, left to their own devices, bankers will always give all their money away to bums and deadbeats.

BlogDog said...

There should be a Barney Frank naming convention. Like David Caruso is called "moody carrto top David Caruso" and Tommy Lee is always "troubled rocker Tommy Lee." I propose the name "mushmouthed Sodomite Barney Frank" be used from here on out.

Anonymous said...

"mushmouthed Sodomite Barney Frank"
You're too kind BlogDog.
Alarmed reporter: Did you just call him "crotchbreathed analyst Barney Frank"?
Me: No, I called him "cockbreathed analist Barney Frank."
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

"Big Butt Load Barney"

Anonymous said...

But Frank wins!

And Republicans do NOTHING.

Jim - PRS said...

Barney Frank is, quite simply, a piece of shit. Sadly, this latest bit of stunning baloney will eventually become the "truth," with the help of the MSM.

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