Saturday, May 23, 2009

A good porking

Today's Pork
10 pounds - $16.95

I bought a box of these at Food Lion Wednesday.  I had little expectation of them being the quality of those pictured on the box cover, but what the hell. I can't buy hamburger that inexpensively (1.69 lb), so it was worth the chance.  They thawed enough to separate in about 15 minutes.  Horry Clap!  Instead of ribs dominated by the expected huge fatty flap, they are extremely lean good looking ribs; no flap.  I just went back to Food Lion and bought two more boxes, one of which the family gets tomorrow.  So, if you see these imported from Denmark ribs, you'll know.  You're welcome.


rockville said...

"Pork, it's the meat of kings..."Like the RKOF, apparently.

TimO said...

Thats a great deal..... Usually I prefer to just go out for ribs due to the long amount of time and trouble it takes to do 'em right.

But you can't beat that haul.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Quick Ribs:

Anonymous said...

Love to cook ribs, marinate time, "Q" time, Eat time.

Mr. Juice

Dr. Hardribs said...


That's beautiful man....

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