Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lautenberg, Public Enemy

Stompin' Frank

When I read the newest Frank Lautenberg  proposal last week,  that end runs the Second Amendment by denying gun ownership to anyone on the terrorist watch list, a list that no one knows how they got on; a list you can't get off of,  it came on the heels of so many other civil liberty outrages that I threw my hands up and went straight to the corn juice.  Now I've run across it again, but it's all wrapped up and ready for take-out. 
Frank Lautenberg hasn't had an honest job in years; he's been suckling at the government teat since the current president was a frosh in undergrad. After metastasizing from a mere Port Authority commissar to a senator in 1982, he voted about like you'd expect a Democrat from New Jersey to vote, being generally in favor of taxes and of bribing lower-income voters with other people's money.

Having nearly single-handedly saved America from the scourge of gun-wielding wife beaters, Frank is now going to protect us from terrorists. His latest hobby horse is that nobody on the government's double-secret "Terrorist List" should be allowed to buy a firearm. If passed, that means it's "Sorry, Sam, no Daisy Red Ryder carbine action air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time for you." [Take out]


Anonymous said...

Screw him and the horse he rode in on!

I live in Virginia and I belong to the NRA - not going down without a fight folks!

Jim - PRS said...

He (of oatmeal on his chin and stinky diapers) was parachuted into the election at the last minute, in flagrant violation of New Jersey's election regulations (ha!) when Robert Torricelli (the "Torch"), the then-current candidate, was on the verge of being indicted.

We have him and Bob Menendez, the former Hudson County (where corruption is an art form) Boss.

We also brought you Jim McGreevy, who appointed his boyfriend to be in charge of Homeland Security.

All of which is why New Jersey is on the road to becoming Kully-foah-nya.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

(What Would the Mafia Do?)

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