Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have seen the future. Ugly.

Revolting Developments
My wife's employer just sent her a letter announcing that, as of August 1st ...
  1. Employee retirement funds will be frozen
  2. Funds will no longer accrue
  3. And this little bombshell

This is devastating to us, and I'm certain to millions of people across America getting similar treatment.  The nation's earners are bankrupted while gummint grows, and unions are given title to nationalized businesses. 

It recently became popular practice for FDR apologists to claim he saved the country from communism with his ruinous socialist excess.  Okay,  they should then recognize this truth.  The communists today who (over)control our government, and caused this crisis, are about to be confronted  in a most direct manner by millions of mad-as-hell Americans who, despite the best efforts of Democrat's media allies, know who the enemy is.  I'm not rabble rousing here.  I'm stating what I believe is our immediate  future.  The silent majority will soon have no more to lose. That  knowledge is most likely behind the current, almost frenzied attempts by the left to disarm us. 

Despots know another truth.  While hungry people revolt, starving people who must focus all their energies on finding roots, and eating pets to stave off starvation, do not.  The window, then, has parameters.  Now, back to our usual happiness and sunshine.


badanov said...

It takes a lotta money to separate you from your liberties.

Anonymous said...

Do ya think they'll bother to nationalize the 401k's any more? They have destroyed the value, so why bother...
Oh, don't forget that the unions will not have THEIR benefits taxed.. They're special.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcies are just as bad. I know a guy who was a pilot for one of the major airlines. He was fairly senior, and was flying the more lucrative routes. His airline went belly-up, and the terms of the bankruptcy allowed the airline to reach into all those 401K-type accounts that the airline had been paying into. As a result, the guy lost $1.5 million. He's now a regular working schmoe like me -- that's how I met him.

(I realize that a pilot losing $1.5M won't garner much sympathy, but the fact that they could suck his retirement fund dry is something I find incredible.)

Anonymous said...

I knew this would happen. I'm glad I had the wisdom to spend all my extra money on drugs & alcohol & low priced hookers. We're all in the same boat but I had way more fun.

Sincerely, your low-life brother in law.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Kenny? Is that you?

JMcD said...

Yeah, I blew all mine on Red, White ahd Blue beer and Bull Durham, then had to give up alcohol and tobacco,now I'm looking for a new, cheap vice....You know..Whatever I can afford with "His Stimulousness" in office.

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