Thursday, October 15, 2009


In Passing
 Stuff that makes me think bad things

Disillusioned liberals yearn for Hillary Clinton

Where were you when you came to the panicky realization that Hillary Clinton was right?
(Answer: Hopinng Obama would get the nomination because he was unelectable)

Obama’s embarrassing, pompous war with Fox News
Perhaps Obama and Dunn think that a clumsy attempt to link Fox News with Republicans will cause independents to abandon the channel for White House Comfort Zone MSNBC or even CNN, which still commands viewer dominance in airport terminals. That won’t happen. Having the White House for an enemy is ratings gold for the network.

Graham-Paul Dispute Highlights GOP Fissure

“We're not going to be the party of angry white guys," liberal Republican Senator Lindsay Graham told a Greenville, South Carolina, audience at Furman University where some supporters of Congressman Ron Paul were heckling him.

Russia takes Obama to the Cleaners

What a difference a few weeks make. On September 24, the New York Times reported this:... and  today in the New York Times we read this

Academic Freedom
There is no more unaccountable group in America today than academics. This is true even when they work for public institutions. This is clearly on display in this story about the American Association of University Professors arrogantly claiming that anyone who seeks to bring academics’ work out into the sunshine threatens their “academic freedom”.

A special bonus quote of the day. Butters, we hardly knew ye. Content warning. (via South Park Studios)


Anonymous said...

The rollover is broken.

Professor E

Rodger the Real King of France said...

darn! and the front view was spectacular!

Anonymous said...

video removed by viacom? I'll try to find it elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

HA! It still played at HotAir. Good fun. thanks

OregonGuy said...

Link works at my place.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

South Park Studios trumps Viacom

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Rodger. Glad it's back. At least at my house,now (OregonGuy). :]

Kristopher said...

She looks cold. It's warm here, inside my jacket. Wanna share?

JMcD said...

Had to try a couple of times but I finally got the site to kick in the whole episode.......Hilarious.

JMcD said...

"Yes Ma'am Miss Bertha....A little lost, cold and wet pussy".

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