Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Like Guns

I went over to RAK's site to check on the status of the sawed-off  M61 Vulcan (works on 4 AA batteries) and holster he's fabricating for me.  I found this non-denominational holiday video.


Anonymous said...

Is he Aussie? I saw an Australian flag and a car with their steering wheel set up. I thought guns were outlawed there.

Anonymous said...

Big grin on my face here, Boss!

B....... said...

You're gonna let that fella join the Barn Army, aren't ya?

Anonymous said...

I wondered about that Australian flag too. Turns out, he filmed it in Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

That wasn't filmed in Cambodia, the background is 100% Australian. And all the firearms shown are legal, in Australia. Cheers, Byron the Aussie

Anonymous said...


First part of the clip showing pistols, L/A Winchester, pump action Remington, bolt action Howa etc filmed in Australia. Full auto section filmed in Cambodia. Cheers, B

Anonymous said...

Semi auto rifle and semi auto and pump shotguns were banned in Australia. NOT every gun was banned there. I sell a few holsters Down Under.

DougM said...

Man was created with a trigger finger for a reason.

(What? Heck, yeah, that sure as heck is science! The global-warming "scientists" decided that cause & effect don't apply anymore, didn't they?)

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