Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pinko Patrol

Received via email from the National Gathering of Eagles
Linda has the secret code

OPSEC - It's hard

Today's Date: March 31, 1861?

June 15, 1776?
A novel outline

Thanks for the votes of confidence.

Now practice OPSEC. No bragging, no threats.

I don't want to hear that stuff again. Not until we need you.

That's the quote from Anonymous I referred to in the last post.  Sage advice.  But this president seems intent on forcing an incident.  Constituents at town hall meetings are challenging  lies being told about health care, something few Democrats have experienced.  Obama has invoked  RULE 12, and the media react on cue (examples below). 

It's pretty obvious we're at the brink.  The man is right though, braggadocio  and threats are sterile and counter productive responses.  If this thing happens it will likely be spontaneous, and a leaderless mob can't sustain the total effort required to win. I pray those patriots are out there, observing OPSEC, planning, ready to coalesce resources. And Lead. It is ours to step up at that point, because this government is an un-American abomination.

That's a test passage from a novel I'm working on.  Any resemblance to actual governments is coincidental.

Gateway Pundit

Communists Infiltrate Tea Party Protests-- Wave Obama-Hitler Signs

Dem "Blue Dog" Says Town Hall Protesters Are "Political Terrorists" (Video)

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D CA) Admits Abortion Is Covered in Obamacare (Video)

White House: People Showing Up at Protests... "Dressed as Hitler!" (The 'Border Incident' stage?)

Michelle Malkin

Little girl at Obama town hall - a shill (Video)

SEIU Purple Shirts are hiring new musclemen to build an “organizing department.” (Video)

Race-baiter Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee shows contempt for constituents interrupts town hall to take a cell phone call. (Video)

News Busters

Chris Matthews Charges Town Hall Protesters 'Upset Because We Have a Black President'

'Almost Entirely White and Irritable Crowd' of 'Angry' Obama-Care Protesters (New York Times)

American Thinker

At what point does a liberal become a Stalinist?

The Alinsky Way Vs. the American Way

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The President’s Disability under the 25th Amendment

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The Obama Role in the DHS Assault on Freedom: When Did He Know, and Why Didn't He Stop It?

Linda SoG

MSNBC—Race-Card User Carlos Watson Says 'Socialist Is Becoming the New N-Word'

Cute Chimp and Baby

What's in the box?

Dickweeds begat Douchbag

I remembered and wanted the exact words to a comment on this post "It's so f**king on,"  and wound up back at the source and saw about a zillion comments. One was from  MCPO Airdale, who comments here:

"Back before the world was in color, we used to call people 'Dickweeds'. So, I doubt it originated with Beavis and Butthead."

Which led to another post
Somebody ... recently asked about the origins of the word “dickweed.” While that was never clearly answered, a cunning linguist gives us the possible source of another important term…

Which video is posted to the right, and is a response to Sloppy Drunk LisaNova.  You don't have to look at any of this, unless you're interested in the term "Douchebag," which answer will prolly not satisfy you anyway.  I'm just showing  how shit happens to me. I have to see what's in the box.

Acorn patrolling against speech

Here's someone to start with ...

its now illegal to have a conversation on the sidewalk with another American citizen.
at least, according to acorn it is
and the POLICE, that's right, the POLICE,  are gonna enforce that.
Yes.  that's right. 
the United States of America is no more.


Maryland Patriots

Mad as hell and not going to take anymore
The last county in Maryland I'd pick to harbor folks angry over intrusive gummint is Montgomery County, the nexus of most it. But, yay  verily! 
Simmering resentment against traffic cameras is being expressed in acts of civil disobedience in suburban Montgomery County, where vandals are striking back at automated traffic enforcement.

While residents of the neighboring District seem willing to suffer automated red-light and speed cameras in silence, some in Montgomery County have turned to what protesters often refer to as "direct action."

In the most recent incident, police say an unknown person or people painted over the lenses of two sets of speed cameras on Aug. 1 in the Cabin John area, rendering them useless. The cameras have since been repaired.
Montgomery County Police don't like to say very much at all about the camera attacks.

"We don't want people to get the idea in their heads that this is a good thing to do," said Lt. Paul Starks, a police spokesman.

"Some sites have been hit more than once, but we have tried to set up countermeasures to catch the people doing the vandalizing," he said.
I am so heartened. disturbed by this lawless behavior.   BTW, it strikes me that this story, juxtaposed as it is with last night's independently posted Chi-Com Cam deal (just two posts down),  is an example of what I call déjà prevu.  You know.  The  phenomenon where you see a very pretty girl walk by, and suddenly there's another one.  Like that.Weird.