Saturday, August 22, 2009

Palin gets it right

Which would make Obama wrong.  Again.

UPDATED - The Soros Connection

One of these people is an idiot

The Export-Import Bank has proposed a $2 billion loan to a Brazilian oil company to fund oil drilling and development by a state-owned company, hurting American workers, oil companies, and the country’s energy independence. Sarah Palin sees this is as a rather self-defeating strategy.

After the idea went public, Palin quickly noted that President Obama wants to use American dollars to pay salaries and benefits to Brazilians — to state-owned oil company, Petrobras, at that — to the detriment of our own country. (cont)
Teapot Dome on Steroids?
Billionaire investor George Soros bought an $811 million stake in Petroleo Brasileiro SA in the second quarter, making the Brazilian state-controlled oil company his investment fund's largest holding.

There is another interesting aspect to this development. Could it be just a coincidence that Obama backer George Soros repositioned himself in Petrobras to get dividends just a few days before Obama committed $2 billion in loans and guarantees for Petrobras’ offshore operations?

See Bloomberg Story: Soros Hedge Fund Bought Petrobras Stake Worth $811 Million


In passing Greenpeace, Cap n Trade Joker

In passing
Stuff I tripped over
Flickr Censors Obama Joker Image
The online photo-sharing giant Flickr has banned the Obama Joker image from its website, citing flimsy copyright claims which aren't even applicable, in the latest attempt to chill free speech.

Greenpeace Leader Admits Organization Put Out Fake Global Warming Data
Greenpeace leader Gerd Leipold has been forced to admit that his organization issued misleading and exaggerated information when it claimed that Arctic ice would disappear completely by 2030, in a crushing blow for the man-made global warming movement.

Nationwide Revolt Against Mass Swine Flu Vaccination Accelerates
The nationwide revolt against government plans to implement a mass swine flu vaccination program in the United Kingdom has picked up steam, with a poll revealing that a third of NHS nurses will refuse to take the shot.

Even Top Climate Change Negotiator Admits Cap And Tax “Out Of Control”
Former climate change negotiator for Bill Clinton and Democratic Senator Senator Timothy Wirth admits that the cap and trade proposal is “out of control,” and makes no sense whatsoever.

Bush As The Joker - Acceptable, Obama As The Joker - Offensive/Violent
Censorship of the viral "Jokerbama" image continues on one of the largest social network websites on the internet, Myspace.

Obama a whack

Judicial Tyranny

Can Congress force me
to buy health insurance?

[blah blah blah]
The Real Answer is:

= NO


That's right.  We've devolved into an oligarchy, but a single Dodomayer from slavery.

Give 'em more juice

The Summer of Town Hall Meetings

Female Urinal

Diversity is what we're talking about

Les Paul at 90 Documentary

Les Paul - 90

Toothless warnings

no TV for a week!
"Obama warned Libya not to give him a hero's welcome."

RED EYE Commentary
Thousands greet convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi on Thursday as he returns home to Libya. Al-Megrahi was the only person convicted for downing a U.S. passenger jet over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people. He was released on compassionate grounds. Al-Megrahi, top left, is accompanied by the son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. [AOL}


"Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear."

Liar Liar

Looks like the shine has rubbed off
When even Air America sounds like... right wingnuts:

It's hard to pick the best line in this Air America moment. I can't decide if it's when the host says 0bamamessiah is "such a charming liar" or if it's when Greg Palast says "it makes me puke that we've just been cheneyed by a guy named Barack Obama" or if it's when he asks "what if the people screaming and breaking up the discussions at the town meetings are correct?"

Eh. It's probably when Palast asks what if it's really is an absolute fascist nightmare.

Yup. That's happening on progressive leftist radio. Imagine that.

Now that's change I can believe in.