Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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It's Like Magic

Real Urban Renewal
A gust of wind! A puff of smoke! Where ACORN?

That's Urban Renewal

 Tom Mann sent me the top picture of ACORN's DC offices on Friday, the roll-over today.  I bet the orders came from 1600 Pennsylvania  Ave. By the way, The senate yesterday voted to strip funding from ACORN. Despite the damning video evidence mounting against ACORN, the ACORN Senate vote was not unanimous ( 83 - 7, with 9 Senators not voting). Source
Seven who thought it would be just fine
to allow ACORN to run their scam.

Nine Senators didn't vote on
Senate Amendment 2355 to HR 3288?

  1. Burris (D) from Illinois;
  2. Casey (D) from Pennsylvania;
  3. Durbin (D) from Illinois;
  4. Gillibrand (D) from New York;
  5. Leahy (D) from Vermont;
  6. Sanders (I) from Vermont; and
  7. Whitehouse (D) from Rhode Island.
Burr (R) from North Carolina;
Graham (R) from South Carolina;
McCain (R) from Arizona;
Coburn (R) from Oklahoma;? (musta been sick)
Gregg (R) from New Hampshire;
Vitter (R) from Louisiana;
Hutchison (R) from Texas


The two Democratic Senators not casting a vote were:

Byrd (D) from West Virginia; and
Mikulski (D) from Maryland.

show them smart-ass whippersnappers

... in a blaze of glory

Bang 16 times

16 Shooter
in mind's eye

  This says more about my current mindset than anything else.  Don't know what this is, but reminded me of this guy - except percussion.  So here's what I thought in 1/googleth of a second.  I'm bunkered in the basement with no gun, but full cases of .410 and .12 ga shotgun shells.  And my tool box, including a hacksaw.  And the house plumbing.   That's how I think. Boo!

Gummint Snooping Run Amok

Do you have a keylogging
chip on your computer?
r u sure?

 Here's the Internet post referred to.

Received this e-mail from Rollye:  I listen to her show in bed and rarely make it all the way through.  First time  I've
ever been fooled .  The good thing is y'all were smart enough to use critical thinking to expose it.  That's why you're not Democrats. That's why we'll win.  USA UAS USA

 The Rollye James Show <rollye@rollye.net>

Thanks!  If you didn't catch the next segment, it turns out to be a hoax, but I'm honored you took the time.   Thanks to a listener's input, I mentioned that the FOIA letter number was the same as another letter with different content-- likely the guy photoshopped it--  but it is fun nonetheless.

Really great to have you listening!


Chris Farley Lives

Little Chip


In the Land of Czars

The most important story of 9/12, if not 2009
If they can make Obama Girl famous, I see no reason
we shouldn't do the same for the Boob Czar:

Murtha, Axelrod and other Democrats

In Passing ...
Stuff that made a splash in the wee wee hours

What's that word? Frag?
Murtha to Obama: No more troops
...  is skeptical of the basic logic of adding personnel.
(FLASHBACK - Surrender Monkey told the National Press Club that the president's views on the success of  surge in Iraq were "delusional.")

Senate Bill Would Tax Those Who Heal
Starting next year, medical device makers would be forced to pony up $4 billion annually to the federal government. Biopharmaceutical firms would be on the hook for $2.3 billion each year. Clinical labs would have to shell out $750 million a year. All this in addition to the taxes they already pay.

Terrorism’s Heart of Darkness
... it is so bad that you can monitor terrorists generally by monitoring who comes and goes from Pakistan. That, if true, is intolerable.

The NRA backs Republican McDonnell in Virgina gubernatorial race.
In the match off between the same candidates for attorney general four years ago, Democrat Deeds got the NRA nod. In Virginia, the NRA has approximately 120,000 members.

White House Quote of the week.
"I don't think it's (Saturday's mega-Tea Party  indicative of the nation's mood," Axelrod said on CBS' "Face the Nation." "You know, I don't think we ought to be distracted by that. My message to them is, they're wrong."

This Frosts My Stindeens.
The September 11th museum that will be part of the building that will replace the World Trade Center Towers will contain an exhibit dedicated to the perspective of the hijackers. The exhibit will consist of “martyrdom tapes” made by the hijackers while preparing for the attacks as well as “testimonials” from people sympathetic to the hijackers’ cause.

Ace of Spades

Gutfeld uses an axe

 Gutfeld Does Bishop Sheen
Bishop of the druggie whore bangers that is