Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dago Dogs

Moving Forward
The Dago Dog
 It looks rather unpleasant, but I don't know why. 

Palin - Asia Econimic Address

Palin in debut economic speech
  "She was brilliant," said a European delegate, on condition of anonymity.
Two US delegates left early, with one saying "it was awful, we couldn't stand it any longer". He declined to be identified.

Dancin the Boogie

The Dancers
Tom Mann

DOG Watch

You Lie

Mail Order Hot Dogs
 Blog Dog has been around long enough to know of my fondness for Chicago hot dogs.  Hell my kids, as did  Hucker a few Father's Days ago, send them to me (Tastes of Chicago). 

But that's not what this is about.  Blog Dog sent me this link to Jungle Trader's look at the top ten hot dog consuming cities and the recipes that make them hometown favorites:

Here's the list. A glance tells us all we need to know.  It's an ill considered piece of crap.

1. New York (NY)
2. Los Angeles (CA)
3. Baltimore (MD)/Washington, D.C.
4. Philadelphia (PA)
5. Chicago (IL)
6. San Antonio/Corpus Christi (TX)
7. Boston (MA)
8. Harrisburg/Scranton (PA)
9. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale (FL)
10. Charleston (SC)

New York ranked at the top is no surprise, what with the media clout they have.  Hell, they (CBS) once called Sam Huff the greatest linebacker in the game. This while The Bears' Bill George was active.  But Chicago in 5th place?  Behind Baltimore?
3. Baltimore (MD)/Washington, D.C. – Popular within the nation’s capital, the Monumental Dog is typically an all-beef frank topped with banana peppers, onions, diced red peppers, sliced pickles and served on a steamed potato hot dog bun that has been spread with mayonnaise.

... steamed potato hot dog bun that has been spread with mayonnaise? I've lived here for 80 some years and can tell with no fear of being contradicted with fact, that:
  1. Baltimore has no hot dog eating tradition.  None.  Zilch. The closest they came to one was Polack Johnny's, which served up a damned good Polish Sausage. There was a place on DC's M Street in the 70's that made their own dogs, and that was pretty good, but it went bust.  You can drive from Towson to DC without passing more than two hot dog joints.
  2. I have never seen, nor heard of putting mayo on a dog,  Ever.
I'm calling bulls*it on this whole deal.  Chicago dogs are number one, two and three. Period. Los Angels indeed.

Ties that bind

Obama for the Defense
“…Weathermen advocated the overthrow of the government of the United States and the system of capitalism; toward that end, they carried out a campaign of bombings, jailbreaks, and riots.”

 I'm slowing down or there are simply so many more people doing god's work today. I suspect some of both.   I say with any due modesty that during the 8 years of the Clinton Terror, nothing they did, that was reported anywhere,  escaped my attention. Nothing. Now?  Horry Clap.  Everyday beings forth so much raw sewage that, vigilant as I try to be, some of yesterday's turds go unnoticed for days. This posting from DBPK [Weather Underground, ACORN and Obama: The Ties that Bind] is month's old Obamunist flotsam.

March 2009: Law authorities in San Francisco hold a press conference indicating that [Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine] Dorhn was responsible for planting a pipe bomb that killed a SF police officer in 1970.

March 2009: Obama’s Justice Department, tells SFPD not to comment on the case. [jump to * Eric Holder, Justice Department Investigating William Ayers for 1970 Cop Killing Bombing?]

They earlier escaped prison on a technicality, but murder has no statute of limitation,  This time they have Obama and Holder..

yada yada

In passing
stuff I seen

Russian maker of AK-47 faces bankruptcy
THE Russian producer of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, the world's most ubiquitous firearm, is facing bankruptcy owing to falling orders.

Dilemma - can we ask those in custody "pretty please?" Or would that smack of coercion?

"This has got a bunch of people spooked," said a Homeland Security official who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the investigation. "They don't believe they got them all; they are trying to track down the rest of the guys who are operating in the cell."

U.S. 'diversity czar' takes heat over remarks
President Obama's diversity czar at the Federal Communications Commission has spoken publicly of getting white media executives to "step down" in favor of minorities, prescribed policies to make liberal talk radio more successful, and described Hugo Chavez's rise to power in Venezuela "an incredible revolution."

We weep for you Little Football Boy
Is it piling on yet?

Quotable Zero: "Frankly, it's not something I've followed closely," Mr. Obama claimed. . . .
Only one of the five television networks that interviewed President Obama for their Sunday shows bothered to ask him about Acorn, the left-wing community organizing group whose federal funding was cut off last week by an overwhelming vote in Congress.

Barney Frank on Acorn
He calls for an investigation—of the investigators.
... defunding Acorn "could constitute an unlawful bill of attainder"

Biden: GOP wins would be "end of the road"
Vice President Joe Biden on Monday said if Republicans succeed in winning back the House in 2010, it would be the "end of the road" for the White House's agenda. [Is he on our side now?]