Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Voice of Freedom. Bibi.

This just in ...
Just listened to Michael Savage proclaim Bibi Netanyahu the new Voice of the Free World, with Sarah Palin right behind.  Stuuning when put that way, but true.  We have nobody in government today who qualifies.  Stunning Stunning Stunning

Yummy says my tummy

Poke Chops Juicy
 with Mushroom Bourbon Cream Sauce

 The Juiceter sent me this recipe yesterday and it intrigued me. Especially since I had all the ingredients on hand - except for heavy cream, and a schlob of butter added with half&half solved that.  MoSup is out gallivanting, and I've no idea when she'll get back (yes, payback I guess).  I decided to forgo the breaded chops in favor of grilled in butter, so the whole deal can be plated within 10 minutes.  But this is what I want to tell you. 

MoSup is not a drinker of red whiskery - at all, so I was hesitant, and not for the first time, about using Bourbon in sauces.  Horry Clap Andy!  Screw the pork chops!  This Bourbon-cream sauce is so good I'm thinking of making French toast with it.  Or drinking it out of a Mason Jar.  It's that delicious.  Seriously, I'd put - make that I will put this mushroom sauce on any meat, fowl, fish or mystery road kill. I've filed the recipe under Sauce Juicy, and will keep it in my wallet. 

PS- It's been a few years since I mentioned the handy Cook's Thesaurus.  Use it to find recipe substitutes, it's great. You're welcome. 

Way Harsh

Islamos with bombs

The 7-7 Connection

 Thomas Joscelyn, posting on the Weekly Standard Blog, sees in just indicted Najibullah Zazi more than passing similarities to al-Qaeda's July 7, 2005 bombings in London, and others. 
1. Zazi traveled to Northern Pakistan to receive al Qaeda’s training on how to make improvised explosive devices. The 7/7 plotters did as well, and so did at least some of the men responsible for follow-on plot that failed on 7/21/2005.

2. Zazi allegedly cased New York’s transit systems, and commuter trains were one of his possible targets. The 7/7 plotters, of course, targeted London’s transit system – as did the March 11, 2004 Madrid bombers.

3. Zazi allegedly researched ways to produce TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide). A similar, if not the same, explosive was used by the 7/7 bombers and the 7/21 al Qaeda plotters. Richard Reid also reportedly used a TATP-style explosive in his attempt to bring down an airliner using a shoe bomb.

4. Based on news reports, Zazi had accumulated a significant number of backpacks to allegedly carry the explosives. Again, this was the modus operandi of both the 7/7 bombers, the 7/21 plotters, as well as the 3/11 bombers.
At least interesting, possibly more, is that London's extensive snoopcam surveillance system caught many of the 7-7 perps wearing New York-related t-shirts and hats during their missions and reconnaissance trips.  [Source & links]

Rolling Stone Mag

Stoned for the first time
The tip-off was they slit their throats, after they were dead.  In Mexico they decapitate. --  How the Cartels Work

 I spent a goodly time at the dentist Tuesday, and chose from the waiting room liberry a copy of Rolling Stone (Sept 17, 2009).  Had I ever  read a whole issue before?  Don't think so.  First thing were reader letters.  Here's all you need to catch the general drift of the mag's political slant, in case you thought a rag celebrating drugs and Hollywood might be conservative.

Is that great, or what?  Miss Suzanne Phipps finds a judging panel comprised of Gergen, Krugman, and Moore-the-Oaf  quite satisfactory, but where was the diversity?  Wonderful self-parody, that.  Since mags like this, I'm guessing, constitute a great % of this segment of the entertainment world's reading material, there should be no surprise that the industry is mindlessly leftist. I was not.

Particularly delicious is the Threat Assessment (shown above),  where the three best things to occur for we the people were Justice Sotomeyer, Obama bowling a 141, and Mexico legalizing pot.   Conversely, the three greatest threats to the Republic are Rep. Michelle Bachman threatening to run for President, "Sleaze ball" Tom DeLay "Dancing with Stars," And Exxon getting some Green award.   What a world they live in. 

An article by Guy Lawson, "How the Cartels Work,"  was so engaging that I was  compelled to smuggle the copy out in order to finish it.  Oh stop.  I'll return it my next visit - Jan 19.    You can read the article here, but I found that this video captured about 90% of the written content, so I recommend that.   A real mess, that, and we have nowhere near the political will to do anything about it.

Obama's cult of personality

Arrr, yes tis' true mates, this har Right win'ed
fear monger is har with more Obama trash. Aye.
But ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

 Here we go again.  [Obama Children Sing for Change for Dear Leader;   Obama's Youth Obama Jugend].  This newest video of Obama cultists indoctrinating kids, coming as it does on the heels of objections over Zero's Sept. 8 speech to school chiren,  is superb theater.  When I looked it last night on a tip from LSoG, this comment was near the top,
"Look out, Drudge put this video near the top of his site. Now all the right-wing fear-mongers with keyboards are gonna go crazy on the comments. but apparently, the operator of this youtube channel wants that anyway so they'll be pleased by the ignorant spectacle they help to engender."
At you service laughing boy.  But the bigger question remains.  What would MacGyver do about this Fidel/Kim-il-Sung wannabe?

The A&P on Thunder Road

Census worker hanged with 'fed' on body

Picture for flavor only (Hazard KY)

Maybe news that ACORN was no longer doing the census never made it down there.  My condolences to the poor guy's family, but I'm none too fond of Census people coming to my house either. Anyway, if you're thinking that story reminded me of another'n, you're right.

The Louisville, KY sales district was too small to have a training supervisor, so I was dispatched in the early 70's to train a new guy.  The food company I worked for had a strict dress code; business suit, white shirt, wingtips, business haircut and no facial hair.  They were obsessive about enforcing it.  This day we worked the area around Harlan County, and pulled into a town with an A&P store.  My salesman very nervously suggested that we go in sans coat and tie.  Nuh-uh, I perfunctorily replied, citing the dress code.  But, he explained, with a coat and tie we might be mistaken for Feds.  "And ...?" says I.  "And they shoot feds here." He seemed  very earnest about it, so I agreed and we ditched them.

After we checked stock, rotated cans, etc., we went to the manager's office to make our pitch for stocking additional product.  Working from memory here, the office was in the rear of this small A&P, and the manager was a very convivial sort, wearing a white short sleeve shirt and bow tie.  While trainee did his stuff, I perused framed pictures cut from, I think, Life magazine that were hanging on the wall.  Depicted: three dead men laying in the street, just outside this very store.  The manager, he'd been a stock clerk at the time, explained.

The dead men were feds.  Revenuers.  Shot dead, and left to percolate in the hot summer sun because the other feds were reluctant for obvious reasons to move them.  After dark,  a small army of them hauled the bodies away.  The A&P manager was pleased as punch to relate this story.  I never wore a tie on in Harlan County again.

I tried Googling this story up, but after an hour of wading through Thunder Road hits, I gave up.  I have a story about Thunder Road too. About working the kiddie car ride at the Maryland State Fair with a guy'd been in the movie.  But that's for another time.