Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lukreesha's Lunch, +

New White House Art
The Obama's are replacing White House art with pieces that more closely reflect a lifestyle they feel comfortable with, with a thought to adding "some much needed diversity," said a White House spokeswoman.  Some of the more unusual art is shown below. (TIMES GALLERY)

 "No, make that a cheesburger"  (Oil on canvas) "This stuff be our stuff"   (Tempera on Kraft)

"Sister's turn to drive" (Oil on wood)
Taking Lukreesha's Lunch (Oil on wood)

Obamunists pick a battle flag

1000 Saliva-flecked Words

 Not a photochop.  Flown over the offices of a leftist union rag, The Kokomo Perspective, Address: 209 N. Main, Kokomo, IN 46901 Phone number: (765) 452-0055

You can have a 3x5 replica for just $4.99 at eBay.

Atlas Shrugged

Simpli great

Best utility of the last 10 years
From this to (ROLL)

 Which is about how long I've been using Simpli Software's "Places" Utility.  Unfortunately, I didn't bring it along on the reformat adventure, and have consequently been going nuts climbing through menu hierarchy every time I want to save a file.  But then I remembered the name.  Simpli.  By golly, they're still around. You'll love it.  Except for you Appleheads.  You can't have it.

Our gummint qualifies for RICO

Get Ready
Be warned: Even people with good insurance will risk fines if mandatory insurance becomes the national law.

 I have yet to find a person who's aware of the coming mandate to buy into Obama Care --  or face a $1500 fine, and possible  persecution for tax evasion.  This happened in Massachusetts, but it's exactly what every American will face under the Obama-Kennedy plan.  For starters.
 What happens ...
Cape Cod, Mass.
My husband retired from IBM about a decade ago, and as we aren't old enough for Medicare we still buy our health insurance through the company. But IBM, with its typical courtesy, informed us recently that we will be fined by the state.

Why? Because Massachusetts requires every resident to have health insurance, and this year, without informing us directly, the state had changed the rules in a way that made our bare-bones policy no longer acceptable. Unless we ponied up for a pricier policy we neither need nor want—or enrolled in a government-sponsored insurance plan—we would have to pay $1,000 each year to the state.

My husband's response was muted; I was shaking mad. We hadn't imposed our health-care costs on anyone else, yet we were being fined ("taxed" was the word the letter used).

We've spent much of our lives putting away what money we could for retirement. We always intended to be self-sufficient. We've paid off the mortgage on our home, don't carry credit-card debt, and have savings in case of an emergency. We also have a regular monthly income of about $3,000, which includes an IBM pension. My husband, 61, earns a little money on the side, sometimes working as an electronics consultant on renewable energy projects. I'm 58 and make some money writing science books. We are not wealthy, but we aren't a risk of becoming a burden on society either. How did we become outlaws?

The turning point was three years ago, when then-Republican Gov. Mitt Romney pushed through the state legislature a health-care plan that he promised would provide ... [continue]

Nobel Fun

Catch o' the Day
Obama Stiffed


Tastes like strawberries=good to go

Today's Deep Question
How does a blind person know when to stop wiping after a BM?

 Amazingly, among all the answers nobody suggested the taste test.

Program Obama

“As president, I will make the fight against
al-Qaida and the Taliban the top priority.”
(Zero - July 15, 2008)
Who is this monster?

 Peace Prize Boy, who will cede dominion over Afghanistan to the Taliban,  is now the leading candidate for a Nobel Genocide Award.  I dreamed last night (and was of course very disturbed by it) that returning soldiers from the Middle East executed a very bloody coup against this government.  If we're to live under a dictatorship, better one that believes so forcefully in the Constitution that they're willing to give their lives to defend it. That was the dream.  It replaced my formerly recurring dream about being confused over which WMD to smuggle in to the next SOTU address  Flame thrower seems to work best so far.   Where the heck are these nightmares coming from?   Anyway, to temper this tantrum of mine, here's Mark Steyn (excerpted)

Like Judi Romaine, he works hard to “create our worlds in our conversations”. Why, only the other day, very conversationally, the administration floated the trial balloon that it could live with the Taliban returning to government in Afghanistan. A lot of Afghans won’t be living with it, but that’s their lookout.

This is — how to put this delicately? — something of a recalibration of Obama’s previous position. From about a year after the fall of Baghdad, Democrats adopted the line that Bush’s war in Iraq was an unnecessary distraction from the real war, the good war, the one in Afghanistan that everyone — Dems, Europeans, all the nice people — were right behind, one hundred per cent.


The Teleprompter'd Smile

But that was then and this is now. As the historian Robert Dallek told Obama recently, “War kills off great reform movements.” As the Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne reminded the president, his supporters voted for him not to win a war but to win a victory on health care and other domestic issues. Obama’s priorities lie not in the Hindu Kush but in America: Why squander your presidency on trying to turn an economically moribund feudal backwater into a functioning nation state when you can turn a functioning nation state into an economically moribund feudal backwater?

Gosh, given their many assertions that Afghanistan is “a war we have to win” (Obama to the VFW, August 2008), you might almost think, pace Judi Romaine, that it’s the president and water-bearers like Gunga Dionne who are the “cynics.”

In a recent speech to the Manhattan Institute, Charles Krauthammer pointed out that, in diminishing American power abroad to advance statism at home, Obama and the American people will be choosing decline.

There are legitimate questions about our war aims in Afghanistan, and about the strategy necessary to achieve them. But eight years after being toppled, the Taliban will see their return to power as a great victory over the Great Satan, and so will the angry young men from Toronto to Yorkshire to Chechnya to Indonesia who graduated from Afghanistan’s Camp Jihad during the 1990s.

And so will the rest of the world: They will understand that the modern era’s ordnungsmacht (the “order maker”) has chosen decline. [No Laughing Matter]

The video Mr. Steyn refers to in the opening moments is this SNL clip.

One Testicle

Nice Try

 This, apropos of nothing, but it's hard getting back ino a groove.  But wait!  This is all stream of consciousness, so I 'll just stream.   BTW, MAC owners will never experience the satisfaction of spending 100 man hours getting their computer to work like it's  supposed to.  Ooh-Rah! 


So this guy walks into a bar ...
with a wetback on his head

 I'm behind the curve after all this time off.  And speaking of curve balls, Nobel!?!

  My first thought, after verifying what I heard wasn't  parody, was  "good1"  Maybe the voters -- those never giving a thought about electing Obama the Cipher -- will have pause over what they've done.   Maybe  voters who flipped me off when I was on Larry King and Olbermann,   saying the sonuvabitch was "installed" by a one-worlders cabal, not elected, will now understand how things work today.  Maybe they'll know it's time to do what needs doing.  I hope.

 When I think Nobel Peace Prize,  now, I'll think Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Yassir Arafat,  Michael Moore (I hear it was very close) and now the Marxist  Kenyan wetback poseur.   Here's some comments I gleaned after a quick Google.  

  • Barack Obama’s Teleprompter: Big Guy says Bill Clinton called and was gracious in defeat; offered to fly Kanye West over 4 the Nobel awards ceremony.
  • Erick Erickson: Obama is becoming Jimmy Carter faster than Jimmy Carter became Jimmy Carter.
  • Ana Marie Cox: Apparently Nobel prizes now being awarded to anyone who is not George Bush.
  • Headline over AP analysis by White House correspondent Jennifer Loven: He Won, But For What?
  • Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review: I want to buy the world a coke.
  • Ezra Klein: Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. "He's just got great chemistry," says Nobel Committee.
  • Adam Bromberg, CRC: Nobel Prize Committee must be staffed by out of work comedy writers.
  • Kristina Hernandez, CRC: It was the Beer Summit that put Obama over the edge.
  • Rush Limbaugh, “I don’t believe this!  He’s not only the first post-racial president, he’s also the nation’s first post-accomplishment president.  He has risen above incompetence.  He is now judged on wishful thinking.”

From Twitter
  •  If Gore and Carter were the death of the Nobel, then this was abuse of the corpse
  • Whats next? Michelle Obama or Nancy Pelosi for Miss USA?
  • BREAKING: Obama sez Mullah Omar a man you can do business with, declares "peace in our time
  • Waiting for Obama to blame Bush for his unearned Nobel.
  • Waiting for Obama to blame Bush for his unearned Nobel
  • Iowahawk: Membership Has Its Privileges
  • The big loser today has got to be the @TheOnion